How to see all new forum posts in Zimbra ...

This mechanism will apply to other mail systems, but this is the one I have handy so this is the one I have instructions for :slight_smile:

First, in Zimbra, right click on Folders (top left) and then click on New Folder.
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Then Enter a title, tick the “Subscribe to RSS/ATOM feed” and pick a folder under which the feed should appear, leave Folders selected if you want it to appear as a top-level folder. You will also need to enter something into the URL field, it should be the destination to the RSS link at the foot of the page which is;;type=rss

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Now click “Ok” and you should find the new RSS feed appearing in your folder tree, it will periodically scan the Forums for new postings and present then as it would new email by turning the folder title to bold and listing the number of new items in brackets.
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