how to start from scratch

been hacked - I think. in process of damage control. locked myself out of laptop. didn’t have admin password and wiped important recovery thing and don’t have windows 10 backup. any way decided to start from scratch. I have "infected laptop, a chromebook and a 125 memory stick. can I burn lintux to the memory stick then install it to a completely blank hhd or maybe new blank ssd that will be in the laptop. is it that simple. ? as you can probably tell im not IT savvy. ive tried to do research but nothing on lintux on memory stick to completely blank laptop. thanks for any pointers.

That’s exactly what you need to do.
(create the LiveUSB, boot to it, then choose to install Linux)

Most Linux distributions will offer you two options during the install

a) Wipe the drive and install Linux

b) Resize the Windows partition and install Linux ‘alongside’ Windows.

Just choose option (a)

If you need help creating or booting to the LiveUSB, just ask :slight_smile: