How to tune reverse proxy

Hi, I want to configure firewalld (sorry no need additional proxy as apache, nginx or squid, I need configure redirect by firewalld or my existing reversy proxy). I have running reverse proxy polarproxy in machine (

I want to redirect all inbound request to domain from proxy-machine to machine (where working local clone, this site use not only port 80). Any other request to other domain need to going free to gateway of this network and to inet.

My common idea is debugging project worked with strong cryptography. I don’t see what exactly request send my frontend to backend. TSL 1.2 is mandatory for this project (domain name and certificates processing manually in frontend and this is huge part of code and this code impossible to comment). Therefore I have selected polarproxy to decrypt request from fronend to backend. I have this backend locally and machine with polarproxy in the middle between backend and frontend. But I can not tune redirect all request from this domain to my local server.

What command I need? Or maybe polarpoxy config?

I have no knowledge of firewalld. However, it is used by RedHat and CentOs, amongst other OS’s. Perhaps your query would be better answered elsewhere?

See here - here - or here -

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