HP Pavilion 10X2 and 5.x kernels

My Pavilion 10x2 has been running XUbuntu 16.04 and 18.04 without any problems (except no sound, but that’s not a problem for my use) I recently updated to 20.04, and now the sound works perfectly, I believe this is due to there now being a 5.x kernel as I know there were no drivers for the sound chips on this device with 4.x kernels). The problem now is that after a period of time which varies between a couple of minutes and half an hour, the machine freezes and reboots after a few minutes.
It’s not specifically an Ubuntu/Debian problem as the same thing happens with the latest Fedora and Manjaro distros (all with 5.x kernels).
I’m sure there’s a tweak or two I can make to remedy this problem (is it timing related?), but my knowledge of the Kernel is limited.