HP Photosmart 7850 (Solved)

I have been given a HP Photosmart 7850.
How can I get it to work on my computer under Peppermint 5 ?

I installed the hplip from Synaptic Package Manager and the printer is working ok (so far) :wink:

Great stuff :slight_smile:

does it include a scanner ?

Hi Mark,
No scanner :frowning: my SX130 is one of those all singing all dancing machines :wink:
It does a great job of 6" x 4" photographs without any bother and can print an A4 sheet if you wish.
It is mainly for pictures but it does print a pretty Ubuntu test page :wink:

take care
Don W
PS I had a look through the forum and found references to hplip in various threads, so I just installed that knowing I could come back here if it went belly up ::slight_smile: