HP printers

When I went to PC World to buy a new HP printer which is supposed to be the best compatible printer for Linux. The specification on all their HP printers say compatible with Windows, Apple, Android, etc. but don’t say anything about Linix. Why can’t HP include Linux on the installation disc instead of the trouble of having to download it. ?

You don’t have to download it … by FAR the majority of Linux distros will already have hplip installed … and if they don’t, you can install it through your package manager.

That’s precisely why HP printers are considered Linux friendly … they normally “just work” without you having to install anything :wink:

Are you having problems ?

No,its OK. I bought a new HP printer because my existing one was refusing to print. When I went to disconect it to install the new one. I discovered the printer USB had come out. With so many connections to the computer I missed seeing it. So now I have a spare new one for when this eBay bought printer packs up.