HP T610 Thin Client running Windows Citrix Desktop - lock workstation query!

Hi all

We have some new HP t610 thin clients, they run Ubuntu 10.04.

On these we run a Citrix Desktop (XenApp) which is Windows Server 2008 R2

From the Citrix Desktop on our current thin clients (Windows XP embedded), we tell our users to press Alt Gr + Del to get to Windows Security for locking screen, changing password etc (as ctrl alt + del brings up the options for the thin client itself).

However on these new Linux thin clients, pressing Alt Gr + Del on the Citrix Desktop does nothing. In fact it actually just presses Del - a nightmare if they are in Outlook as this just deletes emails!!

So my question is - does anyone know how to enable Alt Gr + Del for this purpose? Or how to create a shortcut key on the Linux client that will launch Windows Security in the Citrix Desktop?

I hope this makes sense, please let me know if not! Any help greatly appreciated :slight_smile: