HPLIP Toolbox

For some unknown reason my HPLIIP Toolbox keeps disappearing and I have to keep re-installing it.
Don’t know why???

If you are installing it by installing hplip-gui from the software repos … I think you’ll find that is version 3.11.7, which will be automatically uninstalled every time you install hplip version 3.11.10 to fix your broken scanner

At the moment, you can’t have both … wait till a PPA appears where someone has ported the Ubuntu 12.04 version to 11.10

Maybe this explains why your scanner keeps breaking ?

Thats the weird thing though, I am not reinstalling it now and it still keeps disappearing!

OK, first of all, AFAIK the HPLIP Toolbox shouldn’t even be on YOUR system … it should have been uninstalled by HPLIP 3.11.10

You ARE the guy that installed HPLIP 3.11.10 right ?

Secondly, explain “disappearing” … from where ? … and when ?

Yes, thats me lol
so, why don’t I need it? (Just asking so I can understand a bit more…)

it’s NOT that you don’t need it … indeed it would be nice to have it.


It is the wrong version for the version of HPLIP that you have installed.

when you installed HPLIP 3.11.10 … it SHOULD have been automatically removed … reinstalling it will remove half of HPLIP 3.11.10

They are incompatible in Ubuntu 11.10 till someone manages to port BOTH HPLIP 3.11.10 and HPLIP-GUI 3.11.10

Why not getting the latest HPLIP driver from the source directly??? Go to hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/index.html and get the latest version of HPLIP from there.

If you do a custom installation, at a certain moment you will be asked if any previous versions of HPLIP should be removed. Answer with Y (Yes). Any missing dependencies will also be detected and installed during the installation.

This always helped me and others solving issues with HP printers and HPLIP and HPLIP Toolbox issues.

Why not getting the latest HPLIP driver from the source directly???

That’s exactly what he had done ???

At the time, installing the latest HPLIP resulted in the HPLIP toolbox being uninstalled as they were different versions … I thought that was clear from my responses :wink:

Ofcourse. But my point is that most issues regarding HPLIP will be solved by manually (custom) install the HPLIP driver which has the benefit that, at a certoint point during the installation, asks the user if it should remove any older/conflicting versions/packages. And it also checks for missing dependencies which can be installed during the installation procedure!

Doing this solves a lot of issues is my experience. And i know that HPLIP Toolbox will be removed. One reason is that it could conflict with some newer packages which are being installed. Afterwards it’s easy to re-install the HPLIP toolbox.

On my system, i have the HPLIP toolbox icon in the taskbar for quick access. The topic starter might try this also.

Sorry maybe I wasn’t clear enough … at the time it was impossible to reinstall the HPLIP toolbox as the version in the repo’s wasn’t compatible … if you tried to reinstall it, it removed the new version of HPLIP and reinstalled the older version from the repo’s … nor did it work if you attempted to reinstall it without dependencies … the newer HPLIP worked, but you couldn’t have both (at the time).