Htm files

What application would open this type of file on Peppermint? They open on my Chromebook, but to not have to bother having 2 computers on the go at once is there some way I can open them on Peppermint? ( version 8). Thanks guys!

.htm files are HTML (hypertext markup language) … they should open in your web browser (in any OS or distro) simply by clicking on them.


They open fine when I am using the Chromebook. I saved some htms in my Google drive but when I try to open any on my Dell Peppermint laptop it says “open with” and wants me to choose an app to open them with.

Right, I just realised what I have to do Mark. I have to download them to my laptop and open them there- they won;t open in my Google drive. That’s ok as I wanted to save and edit them anyway!