Hybryde Linux lets you switch Desktop Environment on the fly

Something for your tool box, for when trying to explain the virtues of different DE’s.

Newly released Ubuntu based distribution Hybryde allows you to switch between desktop environments without even logging out, and comes with Unity, KDE, and LXDE by default
http://www.linuxuser.co.uk/news/hybryde-linux-lets-you-switch-desktop-environment-on-the-fly/ http://www.hybryde.org/hybryde_evolution/index.php

Ubuntu should take notice of this

Wow … that looks like it’s worth a try … cheers :slight_smile:

You seem to come across some interesting stuff … keep it coming :slight_smile:

That does look really good! It will make reviewing various DE’s on a distro a lot easier!!

As Mark said, keep all the good info coming! It will save me having to find it :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmm, definitely an interesting concept … however, following another recent thread I did a quick review of other desktops including XFCE and Enlightenment, which looked to be the only other recommended / current desktops to Gnome/KDE. Unfortunately, either both are unstable or Ubuntu has packaged them badly, either way they both dump within a minute of launching. That aside I think I preferred both these options to Gnome 3 and Unity.

Anyone come across any other options for desktops that look good and work from a standard Ubuntu install?

I can’t say I have, but Peppermint uses LXDE and seems rock solid … beyond a few apps and themes, and the Linux Mint Software manager, there’s very little that comes from the Peppermint specific repo (which BTW is just a PPA), it (pretty much) all seems to be from the default Ubuntu repos.

Though the lxde meta package ISN’T installed … I’ll try installing that in Ubuntu tomorrow and see how it goes.

I’ve previously tried Xubuntu 11.10 and found that very unstable … which was surprising as everywhere else seemed to recommend it … but I didn’t try installing xfce4 into Ubuntu directly … I figured if the Xubuntu devs couldn’t make it stable, I wouldn’t stand a chance :wink:

I’ll let you know how the LXDE experiment goes … and try to work out the differences between what the lxde metapackage installs and what Peppermint have installed.

Which version of Ubuntu were you testing them on ?

I’m afraid I was so unhappy with 11.xx most of my “current” machines (workstation and server) are on 12.04, which brings it’s own issues, but on balance I wouldn’t go back to 11.10 … will try LXDE myself and see how it fares … :slight_smile:

Okey dokey … save me a job, I’d be interested to hear how it goes though :slight_smile:

Ok, a little rough around the edges, but I’ll stick with it for the moment.

Pro’s; very quick, traditional menus, traditional widgets
Con’s; not too clever at handling two screens, global minimise screws with gkrellm as there’s no global un-minimise

Does installing/using arandr help with the dual monitor configuration ?

Mmm, fraid not … looks to show my settings , but no alternatives …

I take it you (in arandr) moved the monitors to where you wanted them, then clicked Layout>Apply ?

Then if you save the configuration, the saved file will contain the correct randr command … then you just need to autostart it.

or are you saying arandr won’t let you configure the multiple monitors at all ?

Oh … you may have to go into Outputs to enable both monitors.

I take it you have an xorg.conf ?

Only shows one monitor (!)

Odd … only one listed under Outputs (in ARandR) ?

And have you generated an xorg.conf ? … I’m taking that as yes as you are probably using an NVIDA driver.


I must say, I feel very odd attempting to give you advice … knowing you’re probably way ahead of anything I ask anyway :wink:

Mmm, I’m using “twinview” as the alternatives completely pan performance. Problem is the desktop needs to be a little bit intelligent to recognise this type of config … Gnome does to an extent, as do some other desktops … but not LXDE …

Pity really … I quite like the simplicity of LXDE.

Indeed … I’m still using it … :slight_smile: … mainly for the nice menus and lack of Gnome crap, but partly for the speed … it is quick!

Have you tried the Hybryde?
I have and were quite impressed at how seamlessly switches between the DE’s.
It is quite heavy at 1.6gb download, but it has everything installed but the kitchen sink.

Although in my opinion it is not intended for a production enviroment but it is good enough to
showcase the different DE’s (once you worked out how to change from the default french locale)

That begs the question of viability of changing the default DE for something else after install,
what would you do with all the cruft left over from the previous incarnation?

In all my years I have never switched DE post install, always went for a distribution which had the chosen DE as default.

How stable is it from an Ubuntu base install ? … PeppermintOS Three will be out in a couple of weeks(ish), and that will be based on 12.04 :slight_smile:

@ SeZo

Nope, not yet … but I am planning on giving it a whirl out of curiosity … I get your point about the “cruft” though, and beyond showing different desktops to new users, I too can’t really see the point.

Flash aside, no problems since I switched …