i am a beginner - which system should I use?


I am currently using windows 7 and I want to switch to Linux, how do I do this and which version is best. I use the laptop for word processing (Libera), games, and watching movies.

The laptop came with Windows 8, someone changed it to Widows 7, but I think there is something wrong the with software.

Hope you can help.


What type of games ? … can you name a few.

You do realise Linux can’t run Windows software ?

And I’m not even sure what Libera is ???

Hi Faye

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As Mark said… before any of us can help you and offer you the best advice we will need to know a little more about your laptop and the software you currently use

Is this what you mean by Libera http://www.libera.com/features/

I’m gonna guess that was “Libre”, as in LibreOffice :wink: