i am comeing from windows xp new to linux

i have laptop
ASUS VivoBook S15 S510UQ 15.6" 8GB Core i7 Laptop
what would be the best os for me bear in mind iam new to linux

Hi wootang and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I have to be careful here (as I’m on the Peppermint team) but I’d say any Ubuntu based distribution such as
Ubuntu MATE
Ubuntu Budgie

Reasons - You’ll find more help/documentation/online tutorial/etc. for Ubuntu than any other distro, and generally they ‘just work’.

Personally I’d say Peppermint, but I guess I would wouldn’t I :slight_smile:

and instructions for making a LiveUSB in Windows:

But why not try a few as LiveUSB’s before deciding which suits you best, and only then actually installing.

ok mate iwll try some but i did try zorin 1.2 and it destroy my windows 10> j s downloader -ffl(trj)
i have not given up on linux just yet but would like a good clean usb boot up
where can i get one form so i can try my be three os 8)

Not sure what you mean by “a good clean usb boot up, where can I get one” ?

What exactly are you trying to achieve ? … putting Linux on a USB stick ?

If so, I take it you’ll be creating this USB stick in Windows ?

And are you trying to say the Zorin ISO has a JS/Downloader trojan ? … somehow I doubt that.

And if you’ve not booted it how could it “destroy windows”, in fact even if the ISO did contain the JS/Downloader trojan it would be inert, it’s a Windows trojan so couldn’t be executed by Linux.


Unless of course Zorin 12 contains WUBI which is a Windows executable installer ?