I can't find "add/remove software" (gnome)


I just received my new computer with linux! I am a complete beginner… I understood my computer uses gnome and this is about it… I looked on Internet how to install softwares and it seems I don’t have the Add Remove software application (at least I cannot find it…) and I can’t find any program installer either… Could anyone help me?
Thank you

For “add/remove” programs, you look for the software center.

Do you know what linux distro your using?

I am afraid I dont know what i am using, I have seen Linpus or something like this the first time I switched on…
I don’t have Software service, I have Gnome control center but I have been through its menu and there isn’t anything

Is it a PC or Laptop you have? I think you may be running Linpus Lite.

It is a PC : Acer aspire revo…

Are you able to use a terminal? If so, open “terminal” and then post the output of:

uname -a
cat /etc/issue
cat /proc/version
dmesg | head -1

Someone else on the forum mentioned having a Revo 3700 and it came with Linpus 9.5 pre-installed.

Is there anything in your menu’s called Package Manager, or YUM ?

BTW, if it is Linpus 9.5, I’d install another Linux distribution instead … Linpus 9.5 is based on Fedora 8 which is no longer recieving updates or security fixes … I’d suggest installing Ubuntu or Linux Mint instead.

see here:

Some of the Revo’s also come with Ubuntu 9.04 :wink:

In that case, you need to open a terminal and enter:

cat /etc/*-release

and hit enter … and it will tell you if it is Ubuntu, and which version.

I don’t know what is a terminal (and i don’t see anything with this name) and I don’t see anything you mentioned…
I have a lot of application already installed and even when I am logged in as “root” it doesn’t change anything.
My operating system is "Linpus Linux X Windows 9.5 100623 V1, if it helps…
I don’t mind to install whatever is better if I can! I tried to install chrome, skype and a new version of adobe flash and nothing happens! I can download but when I tried to install it doesn’t work…

Honestly… I have never heard of such a thing. I’ve heard of Linpus Linux though.
Would you be able to take a screenshot of your desktop please, it could help us further. Just look for the “prtscrn” (or similar) button on your keyboard.

I must be cursed ;)! I cannot open this discussion with my new pc… I had a look at the link you advised me and my screen looks a lot like it!..

We’ve just upgraded the forum software, and ATM there is a problem with some pages in Firefox … this will be solved soon … it is being worked on as we speak :slight_smile:

It seems to be something to do with the PrettyURL mod, but only seems to affect the way Firefox treats the URL’s

Right from Agnes has posted, I’ve worked out that he/she is on Linpus 9.5. In which case, I’d personally advise you to move to Ubuntu/Mint as soon as possible, but leave that for another discussion. I’m not much of an expert, but I’m sure Mark will be able to guide you through to a solution.

P.S. Mark you spelled “speak” wrong. :wink:

Erm how did you get to Linpus 9.5 from what Agnes said ?

Erm, there are 3 different pictures there … of 3 different distributions.

Which one does it look like ?

Is this picture ever displayed anywhere

@ BkS … don’t talk to me about the occasional spelling error, unless you want me to post all yours :wink:

No I don’t remember that one…this is image i m talking about


I am downloading Ubuntu now, but again i can only save the file…
I clicked on the direct URL as well, and it asks me if I want to open (a bit better) but with Archive manager…
Any clue?

I quote what Anges said:

Linpus Linux X Windows 9.5 100623 V1

Acer Aspire Revo’s came with a Windows ready partition, but also came with Linpus 9.5 or Ubuntu 9.04. But since Anges said there is a Linpus sign at boot, I can only imagine he/she means Linpus 9.5.

Easy, I don’t make spelling errors that much… :smiley:

OK, that’s Linpus Lite.

Again it is based on Fedora 8 so is now VERY outdated and no longer recieving ANY updates.

It will give you all sorts of problems … particularly with recent software which won’t be in the software repositories.

If you have a look around this site, you will find MANY postings from people that can’t upgrade from Firefox 2 easily.

I would SERIOUSLY suggest you move to Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

There are instructions on creating a USB stick installer on that link I provided.

If you have any problems or questions, just ask.

BTW, if it is linpus lite … you need to look for the YUM package manager (it will be on there somewhere) to install software … but as already mentioned, it will only contain old software.

A word of WARNING … DO NOT uninstall Firefox 2 from within the YUM package manager… doing so will leave your system unbootable.


OK, I must have missed that posting that contained “Linpus Linux X Windows 9.5 100623 V1”
(though I’m still unsure if that “9.5” is referring to the Linpus version or the X version)

In ANY case of Linpus I’d suggest moving to Ubuntu or Linux Mint :slight_smile:

Software is ALWAYS going to be an issue in Linpus Lite, or Linpus 9.5.

Thanks a lot!!!

I am more than happy to try Ubuntu as you recommended it… I ll put it on my key… It takes time to download so I ll try tomorrow…
I hope it will work… otherwise I ll bother you again with my questions!!! ;D