I love Linux

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to express my feelings about Linux.

I have a 5 year old laptop with a Celeron processor, SiS graphics card, no wireless and a very broken XP (yes, I know; Where did I dig that up from?)

I recently returned to college (chemistry) and needed a decent laptop, but didn’t accept that I needed to buy new hardware when all I needed was a new OS (and maybe a wireless dongle).

Anyway, I installed Mandriva 2010.2 last week and added a TL-WN321G dongle for wireless.

Everything is working brilliantly! I have a beautiful up-to-date desktop (KDE 4) and my laptop goes like a train.

Linux has saved me hundreds of pounds I could not have afforded to spend on a new computer.

So that’s it. Nothing too special in this post. I just wanted to express my appreciation to all the people out there (and the kind souls on this forum who offer their advice and time for free) for making Linux a reality.

Sometimes we can forget how fantastic it is.

All the best,

Welcome to the forum… I couldn’t agree more and would also like to thank all the Linux and (F)OSS developers for all their hard work and commitment, often unpaid, that has and continues to make Linux/(F)OSS the truly great force that it is today.

It is often too easy to take this “behind the scenes” work for granted.

Quick story, (no names) recently I had someone give up on Linux because they couldn’t install their wireless drivers offline… and received the comment that they were annoyed that they had followed the documentation for an offline install of the broadcom STA drivers and it hadn’t worked… in reality the documentation strongly suggested connecting to a router with an ethernet cable which would have cost say £5 and the install would have been as easy as a few mouse clicks.

When I pointed out the drivers weren’t included on the disk because of their proprietary nature, I was told, “I don’t care, the documentation said it would work and it didn’t, I’m going back to Windows”.

Though I agree the documentation could have been better and the offline wireless driver installation could be made easier, there was no mention of the rest of the OS/software that was working perfectly, for me this showed a total lack of appreciation for the rest of the hard work that had gone into providing what was essentially a free operating system, software, and documentation… not to mention the fact that M$ (and OEM partners) documentation can’t be considered any better, and is often non-existent.

And Windows drivers don’t always work either.

I would also like to thank anyone that has ever contributed to this or any other Linux forum.

Thanks to EVERYONE in the Linux world, and keep up the good work.

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Party at my house just to show our appreciation for the Linux Devs! ::slight_smile: No but seriously, if it wasn’t for Linux I think I would’ve hung myself by now. I was tired of Windows saying “You need to update your anti-virus” or “You have updates waiting to be installed” or “You have a virus! System shutdown to stop corruption to system files”. What a load of bull. Linux is definitely the way forward for PC’s, and the sooner we have more people switch and follow Linux, the more free OpenSource programs and files we’ll be able to provide. I love Linux too! <3

Hi all,

I am a Linux newbee and joined this forum today, I have been using Ubuntu 10.10 for several months now after loosing patience with X(tra) P(ain) after starting originally with 3.11.

I have at least a 7 year old Dell Optiplex and Dell Latitude laptop purchased following hardware upgrades at work. Various crashes, updates failing and ultimately reinstalls to try and keep Pc clean and crisp. I found I was becoming paranoid over computer performance only to be thwarted by resource sapping Internet security and virus software. The last straw came when M$ insisted I had to pay (if I remember correctly) $80 or was it £80 for a new Key Code?, I had the original official disc set and codes, “I have used my install allowance”?? :frowning: The disc set found file13, a buddy at work pointed me to Ubuntu and gave me a live disc, and hey presto fast crisp machines, everything worked straight from the box. Usb Dvbt after down load of MyTV, Belkin Usb wireless N adaptor, Hp printer, camera, mem sticks and so on.

To generally use Ubuntu I have found easy while the kids (7yrs and 9yrs) are breezing it “prefer Ubuntwo coz its quick”. I am still coming to terms with the directory and file structures. I have found my interest is growing daily, and have started to look under the skin, looking at forums and buying User and Format mags. A mate came round the other day with a blue screen on his laptop so we booted his machine with the live cd set up and saved his documents to a memstick, he was impressed. I wonder? did he? I have yet to speak to him. :slight_smile:

I find it hard to believe the Distro’s come with such a comprehensive bundle of software ready to use (and to top it can exchange with the global M$ Office), I hope i have placed a thumbs up msg icon, but really wanted a massive high five to all you guys in the Linux world for outstanding dedication of time and skill in delivering great software. Thank you very much, I hope someday this 51yr old can also put something back into the community. ;D… I must admit though :wink: Halo rocks!!


Hi Muss60, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Fully agree with you… M$ should stick to what they’re good at, consoles… remember though, Bungie wrote Halo, not M$ :wink:

I’m not by “any means” a Microsoft hater… just by all the means I know of.

Well. I love Linux too. Had a big grin the other day in the office. Everybodys laptops and workstations went down with the same virus (don’t know which one) …except mine! Could it be that mine was the only one running Linux (me thinks so). I had to pass my Laptop round to everyone so that they could do e-mails etc. Had the biggest grin ever! :slight_smile:

Ahh, just the thought of this makes me laugh. I bet you had the overwhelming feeling of saying, “and that’s why you should’ve installed Linux!” ::). I bet you were cheesin’! What I would’ve paid to see their faces drop. xD