I miss my server!!

I miss having my server around, I’ve got backed-up stuff I can’t access, and I just can’t seem to find anyone these days who has a cheap computer going.

Long story short, my brother who suffers from ADHD basically tore my server to pieces one night, and then went nuts on my brothers laptop, both of which are not usable, and the only things salvagable from them (luckily) were my HDD’s.

The reason I absolutely need it, is because Windows 8 has expired (funny eh?) and I need to back up. I’d back up to my Dropbox account, as I’ve got 40-odd gig left, but my net is too slow. Ain’t got enough room on my lappy, and there are things on the HDDs from my server that I’d need for restoring everything back to normal once I “obtain” a copy of Windows 7, or maybe 8… I like it. Perhaps too much?

Anyway, if anyone has any old hardware about that’s “IDE” compatible, please let me know. I can only do bank transfers to pay you though, since my bank is tighter than a sphincter.

Or, if you know of anywhere where I can pickup a cheap computer in store, that’d be handy too.

PM sent.

Replied good sir. :wink:

I thought you can buy empty external HDD units that you can fit your own HDD into certainly cheaper then a secondhand computer.

Second hand PC’s tend to be cheaper and more readily available from my experience. Plus, I’m able to upgrade PC’s, can’t really do that with the caddy units.

gumtree is your friend

By way of example…

Gumtree has always been my first place to look by protocol. No one in my area is selling anything :frowning:

Anyway, Mark has came to the rescue. :stuck_out_tongue: