I need a backup program Resolved

I am using mint 13 64bit and mint backup is crap I backup to a hard-drive on the LAN and mint back up can only backup to the computer it is installed on.

Anyone recommend a program that they use to backup to other computers or hard-drives on a LAN?

I downloaded fwbackups-1.43.4 recommended on a US Linux site but no clue how to install it?

Thanks in advance.

I use clonezilla quite a lot to make clones of my operating system drives.


Or you could try one of these Backup Programs;

For a GUI application, try Simple Backup (sbackup-gtk in the repos):

sudo apt-get install sbackup-gtk

That can automate backups to your NAS drive … if the drive is mounted.

Come to think of it … Mintbackup should be able to as well … have you not set the NAS drive to be mounted at bootup in fstab ?

for a command line option … rsync

Tutorial for Simple Backup here:

Thanks will try these out.

Simple Backup working fine