I need a flash/video downloader

I am trying to install ‘clipgrab’ but for some reason, it won’t install???
This is the http://ashu-geek.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/clipgrab-3130-download-videos-from.html

If anyone has a better solution such as you know of a better flash/video downloader from sites such as Youtube. I would be grateful of the input.

Hi Pooky

Have you tried a browser extension for you tube ? I don’t know what browser you’re using but I have one for Chromium and it works perfectly

What browser are you using ?


xVST (xVideoServiceThief)

Latest version for 12.04 64bit here:

If you’re on later than 12.04 … or are on 32bit, let me know.

I’ve installed VST but it keeps saying theres a newer version available but after checking, it’s not for my version of Kubuntu but the newer versions.

And… When I tried to download the videos I wanted from Youtube… It came up with errors… I then try the website myself… Only to find out that the videos are now UNAVAILABLE in the UK >:(


I already said that was the latest version for 12.04

and if the video isn’t available in the UK, you need to look into using a proxy … so you appear to be connecting from the US.

Sorry, the usual me wanting the latest version and seeing info that says the latest version is higher - But they usually make higher versions for newer versions of Ubuntu…

And re the video’s, just downloaded them as a torrent :wink:

I love that xVideoServiceThief!