I need broadband

Mmm, copper/fibre for gaming is (IMHO) isn’t so critical… if you have a 100% clean 8M connection with zero contention then for most games, increasing the throughput to 20M or more won’t makeany difference. My game server ping times are ~ 30ms, it’s really the ‘difference’ from this mean that can be a problem.

The issue with the likes of BT and Virgin is contention, they have a massive network and supply at commodity prices … if things overload, I know what happens when I call BT …

If you ping a gameserver every 5 secs through the day … how does the response time vary?
(take a look at “smokeping” , it’ll ping hosts and graph the results for you!)

For what it’s worth, if you pick a “business ISP”, they do most of their traffic 8am-10am, Noon-2:30pm and 4:30-6:30pm … by about 8pm their back-haul pipes are almost idle. So assuming you’re an evening / nighttime gamer (like me) , you can happily play with zero contention.

Ok, Linux.co.uk now has ADSL … ;D

First line now on order (for me) with delivery directly to the DC, 20M down, 3M up … actual Internet access will be using Linux.co.uk’s transit (57Mbytes/sec) so if my local exchange will play ball I ought to get some descent speeds … :slight_smile:

Traffic “to/from” linux.co.uk should not count as part of the traffic allocation, in which case the first think I’ll be doing is setting up apt-proxy.linux.co.uk , which will make Ubuntu updates ‘free’ in terms of traffic usage. Next has to be an Ubuntu’s mirror, which will make downloading pretty much anything else from Ubuntu free … can’t help thinking most of my bandwidth goes in Ubuntu ISO’s atm … :wink:

Working on the new Linux.co.uk mail server … transferring first account up atm …

You’re becoming an ISP again? :slight_smile:

Mmm, according to my insurance providers I never stopped! How to waste a day in one easy step; just read the documents your insurance company provides when it sends out a renewal >:(

If you mean ISP in the context of ‘general internet access provider’ then no … however there are some nice features associated with ADSL directly onto your servers;

  • You don’t consume paid-for bandwidth when accessing / monitoring your servers … my gkrellm monitors consume a few Gb/month all by themselves (!)
  • Connections from phone handsets to PABX don’t go over another ISP’s crappy traffic management platform and get screwed up.
  • You get a bandwidth pool you can share between a number of lines, which makes backup lines VERY cheap (think single digits!)
  • We can do channel bonding inside the system, and transparent VPN’s inside the system for P2P vpns without OpenVPN. Apparently we can supply a number of ‘bonded’ / balanced lines with a couple of routers that will apparently ‘effectively’ provide a 100M ADSL …
  • Killer Creation are also in the DC, so gaming latency should be pretty amazing
  • After many years of ‘have you tried rebooting your router’ I now get access to the back-end myself via control panel … Roy is finally redundant … :wink:

It also means I don’t have to either recommend crummy cheap and nasty ISP’s for access any more (or rather pricey ones like the one I use now), I can just say “gimmie your phone number and address” … :wink:

New mail server is live and I’ve migrated myself / Mark over … lots of nice new features in the latest Zimbra … :slight_smile: