I need help chosing a Linux Version for a new PC

Advice needed Please.
I have had some trial runs with various versions of Linux, booting from CD’s on 4 of my computer systems. I have had No success what so ever installing any of the versions I have tried. Just screens with bucket full of errors. Fresh installs, then nothing on reboots. On all machines I have tried, new and old… :o

I am very competent engineer with PC’s but not a coder.

From what I have seen, I have been very impressed; The learning curve seems to be almost vertical to me. :cry:

Moving on, my son is amazed by Linux, I am building him a new computer Running Asus and AMD quad core, 4G ram. He wants to Run Linux, but there are more versions than you can shake a stick at, Very confusing. ???

Can someone Recommend which version would be best to run, He is mainly a gamer, he also works with Photoshop, which is PC based. Running Photoshop in Linux isn’t such an Issue as I may make it dual boot. Depending on how slow emulation works in Linux.

He is like his dad, I like a rich graphical interface that looks amazing, something that looks or works similar to windows 7. I want to install a 64bit version.

I have look at some of the website with a bewildering array of articles, lines of code, to be honest my brain switches off, I simply want to find a simple answer, which version works best and will install ?

Also I have seen some Distribution Releases that look amazing, what is not clear are they an add on Like a Theme or do these contain the Background Linux system.?

Call me a Linux “Nube” lol I don’t have a month to learn what should be basic info, what you can do with it, can be worked out when it’s installed. :slight_smile:

Happy to give any other details that may help me choose what’s best…

Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

Ubuntu or Linux Mint (main edition), but personally I’d go for Ubuntu… the reason: You will find help and support easier to come by.

If your son is a gamer, the system will NEED to be a dual boot system, I’ll pretty much guarantee that most of his games will be for Windows, and won’t run in Linux, even through WINE.

I’m staggered that you’ve been unable to get Linux on 4 separate systems unless there is a common thread, such as they are all the same make/model, or the CD’s were burned too fast, all using RAID (as most DELL PC’s do by default) etc. … the actual error messages would help.

That’s some run of bad luck… ususally Linux flies onto the vast majority of PC’s without issue. :o

Commands that you see on websites/forums are not because they are necessary, but more because they are easier to type, leave less room for interpretation, and can be copied and pasted… there is nearly always a GUI method to achieve the same results.

Another reason I’d choose Ubuntu or Mint… both of these Distributions can be installed “inside” Windows without the need for partitioning, and the ability to remove them from the Windows control panel if you wish.

As for themes etc. … there are MANY themes available for either of the 2 main desktops (GNOME or KDE), but you may be referring to Compiz (rotating desktop cube, and other effects), again Compiz is supported by most Linux Distros.

One thing you can say about Linux, is it is MUCH more configurable than Windows… can even be made to resemble Win7 or OS X, though quite why someone would want to do that is beyond me :wink:

Any other questions, just ask :slight_smile:

hi ,
I have been using linux for a afew years now and do chop and change but always come back to mint when re-furb.an old machine or reclaiming a machine for friends or family.
I find Linux Mint to be very easy to install in about 20 mins and of course it comes complete with no codec issues.
If your installation problems persist try installing from a cover disc from a magazine like linux format or you can buy a copy for a few quid from sources on distrowatch .when I first started I bought a few discs from Linuxman .Goodluck it is worthwhile persisting.