I need old verisons FEDORA

Hello, I’m new here… I was looking for old versions of FEDORA, like 9 or 10, but on the official site https://getfedora.org as well as on other sites, they have deleted the links to older versions. I just want to give a second life to some old socket 775 with RAM 4 GB

So, I will ask if someone can give me links to old archive versions, 64 bit. Thanks in advance!

Hi Solaris - and welcome to the Forum.

The current version of Fedora is 34, I think, so I’m a bit curious why you might want to use version 10 that became unsupported in 2009. Using unsupported versions would be a bit risky if you use the computer to access the internet.

There are so many flavours of Linux available that I am sure you can find one that will suit your particular purposes, and 4GB is no problem at all. I’ve been using Ubuntu with 2GB for years without any obvious speed penalty - enough for my needs, anyway - and one doesn’t have to use Ubuntu’s default, icon-driven “unity desktop” that so many people find unhelpful.

But to answer your question: I don’t know of any sources of old versions of Fedora - sorry.


Ok, I’m a little confused … as Keith points out, very old OS images carry a lot of baggage … so as far as I’m aware the old Rev1 775’s were 32-bit only, whereas the Rev2’s were 64 bit … so assuming you pick the right architecture a current distro should work on the machine. Is the issue that it’s 32-bit and Fedora have dropped 32-bit spins? (I’m saying that, the 32-bit spin should work regardless of whether the architecture is 32 or 64, it’ll just be less efficient if the chip is a 64)

Either way, you can get a current 32-bit (or 64 bit) debian image here; Debian -- Getting Debian , I would expect this to work on your socket 775 machine … unless there’s a little more detail you could add?

(4G isn’t ideal for a desktop machine, but it should run, I have a Pi 400 with 4G of RAM and it works well for casual desktop usage)

4 GB is ample, so long as you don’t use the Gnome desktop supplied by Debian or Ubuntu. This desktop computer has 4 GB and every so often I check — I’ve never caught it using more than 2 GB!

“Socket 775” is a bit vague — one really needs to know the exact CPU. But I’d suggest a distro intended for “middle-aged” computers, like MX Linux. On the other hand, since you say you’ve got a 64-bit processor, Linux Mint (Mate version) might be fine.