I swear to god!!

I swear to god, I’m ready for chucking this P.O.S Superhub out the window. I have two Xbox’s both of which are sharing connections from the laptops in the house, because we’re not prepared to pay 60 bucks for a damn wireless adapter. Problem is, anytime me or my brother get on live together, only one of us can get “moderate” NAT settings, and the other one gets “strict”. I’ve tried port forwarding, I can’t seem to set-up the static IP in order to see if it would solve any problems. This router/modem is sooooooooooooo s**t (excuse my french), I’m so angry right now. I just want to play on live and I can’t. I don’t know if I have to setup a static IP for my laptop and then use that static IP from the laptop on the Xbox so that it acts as a one way system kind of thing. Someone please just help me here.

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Try something like this:

If it behaves like my Belkin F5D7132 wireless range extender/access point… it’s a cheaper way of connecting an old model Xbox360 to a wireless network than that rip-off USB thingy M$ sell.

That’s the only downside of the Virgin superhub, you can’t change it because it’s a fibre optic line. :frowning: I haven’t seen anything that supports the weird connector at the back of the router. Best way I can describe it is: Remember the only single Sky TV aerials?

That is what they look like.

Yes I know what a cable router is…but I didn’t mean that… I meant, connect the Xbox to one of those with an ethernet cable, and use it in client access point mode… where it talks to your router wirelessly.

Xbox<–(via ethernet cable)–>Buffalo AP<—(via wireless)–>Virgin Wireless Router<–>Interweb

Cheaper than the M$ USB wireless dongle thingamabob, and doesn’t use up one of the Xbox’s USB ports :wink:

Though I can’t say from experience how well the above linked Buffalo works in this configuration (so there’s no guarantee), my Belkin works perfectly… if you read the comments for the Buffalo, it looks like it worked for someone else with an Xbox.

Or if you’re feeling particularly rich, get a new Xbox360, the new ones have built in wireless :slight_smile:

BTW, I don’t think you can have static IP’s on the ICS client side (Xbox) when using ICS from the laptops (at least you couldn’t in WindowsXP).

And if the Xbox’s (as ICS clients) can’t have static IP’s, port forwarding is useless, because the ports would need to be forwarded to the Xbox’s IP’s which would keep changing.

Though it must be said, it’s been years since I’ve messed with ICS so I could be wrong.

Well it has the option of being static, and I’ve seen some people play on them as well. As far feeling rich, no I will never buy one of those new “slimline” Xbox’s. I hate the touch buttons, hate the glossy look and I’ve had my old one since release day and never once had a problem with it. I love my elite. <3

I must admit the touch buttons are a PITA, and I have no idea how they have the cheek to call them “slimline”, but they do run cooler… and after having a few older ones RROD on me…


I have no idea what you meant by

Well it has the option of being static, and I've seen some people play on them as well

OK, I was wrong… it is possible to have a static IP for an ICS client in XP, but not by default and it’s a bit of a rigmarole to set up:

And apparently you can have static IP’s for the ICS client in Ubuntu too:

Though (again) it isn’t straight forward, and as the ICS host is obviously having to do some form of NAT, I have no idea how this would affect the moderate/strict issue.

Damn… I’m not sure if I want to spend forever reading all of that xD. How would I set-up a static IP on the homeplug? I think we’re getting them tomorrow…

The homeplugs don’t have IP addresses of their own (they are effectively just an ethernet cable extension and are transparent in operation).

So (if you need to) set the Xbox or whatever is connected to have a static IP, then (in the router) forward any ports (that you may need to), to that IP.

I see… I think I’m going to have a little chat with my mother xD