I want to have dual boot. What can go wrong?

Hi guys,

I want to switch back to Linux, new projects in mumbai again. First time I installed dual boot in a windows xp machine I was not concerned to lost anything and everything went fine. Now I have a w10 with some important software I use at job and gave me some work to install. To be very honest I flats in mumbai want to use foss alternatives here but would be very sad if in the end I lost everything and get nothing to use at all.

My point is; I dont want to make any program property in kalyan backup, just my important files. Yes, I know it can be stupid and risky, and this is why I would like to ask for people who do it frequently: what are the chances to go wrong? How much risky is it? What are some important details do check before?

My w10 files are in a ssd drive. I have another partition with Ubuntu 18.04.3 iso waiting to mount.

Hello Prakashmane. Welcome to the forum - and welcome back to Linux.

I can understand that you want to take advantage of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) and that most of that is Windows-based - hence your need for dual boot.

There is always a risk that things can go wrong in making changes to ones system and all that I can tell you is that I’ve never had a problem in creating a dual-boot system. Perhaps the most likely worst-case scenario is that the installed Linux simply doesn’t work but one would still be able to select Windows at the dual boot screen. And then you could try reinstalling Linux over the existing faulty installation. (By the way: always check the md5sum of your ISO before installing!)

If you are very risk averse, then I would recommend that you create an image of your disk before doing anything. That way you could always recreate what you have now - although I’ve never done that. Have a look at these for Windows:

…and these for Linux:

If you decide to go ahead - let us know how it went.

I currently have dual boot but mainly use Mint.I’ve reinstalled the dual boot a few times because of partitions not being the right size in Mint and have never had any problems.