I would like more software please

Im now on the net with Linux and plan to use this partition of my hard drive (as opposed to win xp) for most of my work

When I spoke to the man in PC shop he said all Linux software was fee
And when I asked if I could install MS Office and Adobe Photo Shop Elements he said no need Linux have there own version of office and photo shop

So I was wondering if someone could be so kind as to post me the links to where I can find theses drivers
Many thanks

PS I would like a link for Linux O/S mini version as well please

If you look in the Applications Menu on the top panel, you will find OpenOffice is already installed… this can read and write to M$ Office formats (.doc .xls etc.) as well as many others.

If you need a program like Photoshop, install the GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), if you want a photo manager/organizer, install f-spot

Right, how to download and install software…
Unlike Windows, in Linux you don’t usually need to go off searching the web for any software you need, most things you want will be in the package manager.

from the top panel, go to
System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager
when synaptic starts, look for the search field, and enter a term to search for (ie. for the GIMP you can enter gimp, or paint etc.)
synaptic will then list all software that matches the search term, you then pick the one you want and click the box next to the name, and select Mark for installation, then click Apply at the top, and Synaptic will download the software for you and install it.

OK, let’s install GIMP and f-spot…
System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager
enter your password.

First we need to add a few repositories (you only need to do this once)…
Settings > Repositories
in the Ubuntu Software tab, tick all the boxes except Source code, then click close.

Click the Reload button, at the top.

in the search box type: gimp
look in the list for gimp, click the box by the name and select Mark for installation.
in the search box type: f-spot
look in the list for f-spot, click the box by the name and select Mark for installation.
click Apply at the top.

You will also want to install ubuntu-restricted-extras for media codecs, encrypted DVD support etc.

Sorry system cant seem to find it

Ok, they’ve removed the GIMP from the normal repos for 10.04, so you need to add a PPA repo… to do this, open a terminal and type:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:matthaeus123/mrw-gimp-svn && sudo aptitude update

hit enter.

Now open the Synaptic Package Manager.… search for gimpMark for installationApply

It should now be available from Applications > Graphics > GIMP Image Editor

If for some reason it isn’t available in the menu, reboot and it should be there.

removed GIMP from the normal repos for 10.04

The [Edit]?!

Anyway, when you get the time, click the applications bar and select “Add/Remove Applications” and shop away to your hearts content for all the software you’ll ever want for free. Try it when you have some free time, its lots of fun. :slight_smile:

Except professional CAD software and quite a few games, that’s a different case . . .

Our sentiments exactly, Canonical are making some very strange decisions lately, and this is the latest one I’ve come across… the reasons that are being given are even weirder.

There are a number of reasons cited for this change:

the general user doesn’t use it
its user-interface is too complex
it’s an application for professionals
desktop users just want to edit photos and they can do that in F-Spot
it’s a photoshop replacement and photoshop isn’t included by default in Windows…
it takes up room on the disc


Although these don’t appear to be ‘official’ responses… You still have to ask yourself “What were they thinking?”

BTW, I particularly like (dislike) the:
“it’s a photoshop replacement and photoshop isn’t included by default in Windows…”
one :slight_smile: