IBM Thinkpad 600X


My wife has sent her PC for repair so I thought I would loan her an old IBM but it was really slow, SO…

I thought I would format the drive and instal Linux.

I have an external floppy drive and a dos boot disk which I used to format ok

I insert the CD with Linux Umbutu on it but nothing happens though I can see the directory with the image on it.

any and all advice appreciated

Where did you get the CD? Did you copy it yourself? If so did you use an ISO burner?

The reason your seeing a directory is because you haven’t burned the ISO.

If you’ve got a spare PC, download imgburn (if you have windows). Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to download the ISO again, although you can just transfer it from the CD to a folder on your desktop and then select it from there. Either way, you’ll need to burn the ISO onto a CD and then you’ll be able to use it.

There’s a great tutorial on how to burn ISO’s with imgburn here:

Hint - On the second picture, where it says
Write Speed: MAX
Change it to
Write Speed: X4

OK Guys, Thanks for the directions

Here is the story so far.

I downloaded the imgburn as suggested but could not burn to a CD as the file was too big.

I therefore burned it to a DVD but remembered the little old IBM 600 only has a CD drive, so…

I pluged in an external DVD drive to USB port but when I fired it up it did not see it !

So I guess I need to either:

  1. Find a Linux o/s smaller than 700MB or

  2. Install a windows o/s then should see the external DVD drive

Any easier suggestions would be most welcome


You should be able to get a CD size version or try peppermint 2 works fantastic on my IBM T22 Thinkpad.

+1 for PeppermintOS (Two) … it will fit on a CD and is based on Ubuntu 11.04

or you could try the Ubuntu “Alternate” install CD image … available here:
It’s smaller than the “Desktop” image, but I’ve no idea if it will fit on a CD … be aware the alternate install CD has a text based installation procedure not a pretty GUI routine, but it does install the same OS.

Further info here:

Many thanks I have downloaded the Peppermint, used imgburn to create CD which is now installing as I type this.

Great stuff guys and thank heavens for forums.