Icon does a disapearing act.

I downloaded Office. It shows in the left side icons list, but when I reboot its not there. How do I get it to stay there ?

If you mean in the Unity launcher bar in Ubuntu…

Start the program and it’s icon should appear in the launcher bar … Right-click that icon, and select “keep in launcher” or “Pin to launcher” or whatever, you get the picture :wink:

I did that ,right clicked, it said unlock from launcher. I left it as it is then when rebooting it still disapears

OK, try clicking the top icon on the launcher … searching for your app … then dragging it’s icon onto the launcher.

if that doesn’t work…

What’s the output from:

ls ~/.local/share/applications

Thanks its works. I dragged the icon in the top icon into the launcher.

Great :slight_smile: