Ideas wanted ...

I’m on the lookout for new Linux project ideas, so if anyone has something they want to have a crack at but requires kit / hosting / bandwidth, do get in touch!

I am running on apple’s OS atm
but i want to use linux because it looks so cool!
just wondering will it run on my powerbook g4 17 inch
it has 512 RAM, 120 GB Hard drive.

As far as I know the answer would be yes.
You might find this useful;

As Mad Penguin says, the answer should be YES, but just to make sure download a LiveCD version and boot from the CD to test… this also gives you the option to ‘try out’ a few Linux distros before writing the one you like to the HDD.

How about putting a link to the download ubuntu latest O/S on your home page so anyone who wonders past get just press the download button and get started
As I would of never gotton the latest download without coming to the forum
And I guess a lot of people would not bother with forums

Ok, let me see if I understand … you’re recommending a change that would reduce the number of people who visit the forums … ??

Im recomending a change to the number of people who downlaod Linux

People who surf the net and just want a quick easy simple download
Not go into hear and there spending hours looking for the link
When I put’ Linux downlaod’ in the search engine I want the first page I come to to be able to download Linux
Not end up with Linux Directory database of distributors est.

Mmm, I’m not entirely sure the point of this site is just to provide a quick download link for people who don’t know which distro they want or should probably be using … if they know what they want they’ll know the URL, if they don’t, they should probably read first (!)

When I typed ‘linux download’ into Google, the first page mentions Ubuntu, Mint, Mandriva, LQ, Suse, and Redhat (there are many, many more)… This site is here to supply information and help for ALL Linux distributions, we don’t favor any ‘one’ in particular, links to downloads of some of the most popular distros can be found in the links section, and there are already lots of pages that specialize in being ‘portals’ for listing and downloading different distros.

I think if someone is confused as to what a ‘Distribution’ is, they would be better served by searching the term first, then they will be able to make a more informed choice.

I understand the thinking behind your idea, but I think we would be doing people a disservice to favor one distro, and if we put links to ALL distros on the front page without explaining the differences it may cause more confusion, and there are already sites that do this: (also in our links section)

This site is more about Information, and Help… with a UK slant, but not solely for the UK.

Maybe a better idea would be to have distro reviews/recommendations from users?
That way, anyone coming along with an interest and a hankering to have a go, can at least get an idea of what to expect and which direction to initially set off in. (It can appear to some as if there are too many distros, and thus, too much choice).

Sounds good :slight_smile:

Which one are you going to do first ? :wink:

here’s an idea. supply the next linux product with adobe flash player, and the needed plug-ins for using chrome & firefox. i cant watch youtube, with have a distorted noise.
it bugs the ish out of me.

Mmm, unfortunately Adobe Flash isn’t “free” as such and the stand-alone player can’t be bundled “by default” - but this is a feature / limitation of Adobe’s licensing and nothing to do with Linux. That said, the next version of Google Chrome has adobe flash built-in, indeed it’s already in the Chrome dev tree / SVN release.

So all you need to do is persuade a distro to include Chrome as the default browser and “job done” ! :slight_smile:

Given Chrome knocks Firefox’s socks off, shouldn’t be “too” hard (?!)

Yeah, i hate licenses in a such way the limit what they can do. However, i may email adobe’s chairman or whom, who deals with these dealings. I shall then pursue Ubuntu to include Chrome as the default browser and well you never know MP. Firefox may be an old dog :stuck_out_tongue: but the puppies can always play.

Would anybody be interested in a * email account (eg;, etc …) ??

If so, what sort of service level, just POP, IMAP, IMAPS or full-blown web-mail ?

I personally wouldn’t be too fussed about webmail but IMAP and SMTP would be a big thumbs up [email protected] or something…

Were you thinking along the lines of a free service, ad-supported, or commercial?

Were you thinking along the lines of a free service, ad-supported, or commercial?

Well, we have a mail system, but it’s resources are finite, so absolutely free isn’t feasible, money needs to come from somewhere for it … open to any ideas ??

I can understand free not being an option.

Ad supported models if done correctly (read subtle relevant adverts) can work. But if you have IMAP/SMTP access then a user wouldn’t necessarily see the ads. Unfortunately your forum users would end up generating the revenue required for your email users. This is not to say it can’t be done though.

Perhaps a part subscription part ad based service would be a way forward?

I have seen subscription services fail before (anyone remember This was funded primarily by really obtrusive ads but was free. You could pay for an ads free service (about 5 quid a year I think). You also had the option of paying for SMTP/POP/IMAP access (can’t remember exactly but think it was about a fiver). Unfortunately the mailbox was tiny ~200Mb and the service was shocking. They did have some forums but they got abandoned about 2002.

Maybe if there were other services which could be bundled with it?

Mmm, first hurdle to jump is user identification … and the ‘easy’ way to do this is to take some sort of payment via credit card / paypal (even if it’s just 10p).

That aside, I’m wondering if a free / limited service, with options to pay for more, might be the way to go … so maybe a one-off £1 signup for a address forwarded to your current mailbox.

Next level might be (?) a pop box with 10M of space for £5 a year, then 25M on IMAP for £10 a year … etc. Dunno … what do you think?

If I set up a test server, would anyone be interested in testing it out with a view to advising on what might be a reasonable fee?
(Incidentally, we’re using ‘Zimbra’ as a mail server)

Hmmmmm. You would need to get an idea of how many people would be prepared to use it. That way you could work out if a pricing plan was viable. Its worth pointing out there is some pretty stiff competition in the form of existing free services.

How many of Zimbra’s features are you looking at implementing? A professionally managed collaboration environment might actually appeal to a wider audience?