Identifying an Asus board

An elderly friend has an old Asus that I gave her ages ago. It’s a P6 P5G41 E with the PN5-E mother-board. Can anyone tell me if it’s 32 or 64 bit? I have the manual but, bizarrely, it doesn’t tell me!
As she lives 120 miles away I don’t want to pick it up for repair if it’s only 32-bit - I’ll give her another.


Hi Keith - have a look at this -

which suggests it is 64-bit capable but with issues (with Windows, in this instance.) It’s a bit unclear but possibly have to flash the BIOS and/or replace the RAM if that’s only 32-bit? Can you send her a USB stick with a 64-bit distro on it and see if it will boot from that? Or would that be beyond her capabilities?


Thank you, Rich - that’s very helpful.

My friend hates computers with a passion, and having poor eyesight doesn’t help, so there’s no chance that she will try a live USB.
Your link is encouraging so I’ll pick up the PC and fiddle with it. The only problem I had with it was that it won’t boot from a USB - there’s no option. I had to remove the HDD, swap it into my PC and install Linux on it, then swap it back. A pain but cheaper than buying/building another.