if i dual boot what happens?

if i dual boot with winxp, cause i want to game,
will have have to mess about with both os sounds liek gona be a faf around,

ok now,

say i am on linux and im scrolling my cube around and shaking my pages with flames lol, how do i load World of Warcraft from this stage

Some games you’ll be able to run through WINE, but for some you’ll need to restart your computer, to bring it up in Windows.
You can find out if you can run games through WINE in their app database here:

You’re looking for ‘gold’ or, if possible, ‘platinum’ games :slight_smile:

but some people say wine is slow, WoW is a big game really big, will it lag? can i test wine with just xp before i take linux?

what are the massive benafits from linux im sold, but i wana know my possibiltys aswel lol

OK, firstly, forget World of Warcraft in Linux… it will not run.
Secondly, for most applications there are Linux native Alternatives.
For gaming my advice would be to forget WINE, although some Windows games WILL run in WINE they are never going to be as quick as running in their native OS.

Dualboot… Load both Linux and Windows to different partitions on your hard drive, this way when you first boot your PC you will be asked which OS you want to boot into.

World of Warcraft will run in WINE, but there is no Linux native version

as does Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

so ok i want it i love it im gettin it and im going to do that,

but why would people take the messin about for that why wont they stay with windows only, what is so drawing that we all want this OS
i love how it looks and little things but its a long prossess to get a wxp G loaded on system why do we bother with this time,

do i just basicly put windows on (dont do any updates just keep it basic? or do i instal my gfx drivers there AND in linux? or just windows?
whats the 411 download on this crazy system o

Linux benefits… It works :slight_smile:
Malware and Viruses will be a thing of the past, it will not slowly become unusable over time and will not crash, and there will never be a need for stupid security advisories that inform you that your whole system is at risk if you don’t remove your shortcut Icons like this:
Click the (+) next to “Workarounds”

Not to mention the “Free” aspect (that you won’t have to be bothered with making sure you keep all licenses up to date), the lack of proprietary format lock-in, more choice, more configurable, more powerful tools, THE LIST GOES ON…

Ok, here are the biggies;

  1. Linux is free
  2. Updates are free
  3. It’s robust, it won’t blue screen on you (ever! - if you have working hardware)
  4. It won’t get infected with a million viruses every time you use it
  5. Generally speaking it’ll feel quicker than windows, not least as the multi-tasking is better
  6. If you get a faster processor, more processors or more cores, you’ll never have to pay for a license uplift
  7. If you chuck it on an additional machine, you won’t be breaking any T’s and C’s
  8. You’ll never have to call to register your software after you’ve installed it or be told you’ve run out of registration attempts
  9. It won’t have to donate 75% of it’s system resources to virus checking
  10. You’ll never have to run ‘defrag’ and you’ll never slow down because it’s not been run
  11. You won’t have to wait 3 minutes while your machine boots and check for Virus updates
  12. You’ll be able to visit sourceforge.net and download packages for free (currently 230,000 available, most are for Linux)
  13. You’ll have a more technically competent system

From a basic standpoint, you’ll have a mouse, Windows, web browser, mail package, (free) Office package with wordprocessor, spreadsheet, database, presentation etc … chat client, IRC client, Graphics tools (photoshop-alike) , Photo manager, your camera should plug in, as should your webcam, etc etc … it’ll browser Facebook, play Youtube videos, and give you access to many things you may not currently be aware of … :slight_smile:

The possibilities are endless … if you imagine all the software that’s out there for Windows, then multiply the number of packages by 100, then make it all free … then figure the software is written mostly by people who love coding and are really good at it and who are doing it for enjoyment, rather than to make a fast buck … (!)

ok mad penguin you crazy lol :stuck_out_tongue: thats more like it :smiley: thanx all ,for ya help lol, no doubt il post here again soon, lol will need more soon i bet lo