If u have problem with login[updated mistake] sorry

I had problems with login to virginmedia.com [Email] (possibly not limited to this site) in Firefox 13.0.1, now I’m on google chrome without any problems ? …it let me on to the home page and some others I thought it was part of the national problem there have been having it just kept alternating between connecting and blank (screen’s) Don’t know how to get the version number through sorry

From what I understand, you’re having problems trying to connect to Virgin’s homepage through Firefox 12? Correct? But when you connect through Google Chrome you have no problem?

The latest release of Firefox is Firefox 13, so it could be a compatibility issue, highly unlikely, but it could be. Another issue could be, is that Virgin are having problems with their servers.

To get the version number of Google Chrome or Firefox go to Help > About [browser name]