install microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard

please can u help me asap im using zorin OS 6 lite and i want to install driver for my wireless mouse and keyboard made by microsoft (Wireless Optical Mouse 2000) and im a noob to zorin soo please could you tell me how to install the drivers

You shouldn’t (AFAIK) need to install any drivers … as long as they are recognised by the BIOS, they should “just work”.

Can you use the wireless keyboard to enter the system BIOS ?

i carnt do anything with it and what do i do when i go into my BIOS settings

Have you got another machine you can test the wireless devices on?

Is there a usb receiver for the wireless keyboard and mouse?

With the wireless devices attached use a wired keyboard to get into your system and post the output of


This will let us know if it is picking up the usb rx’er for the wireless devices.

yes the mouse and keyboard has a receiver and i dont have any other systems about i know how to get onto my BIOS setting but you lost me now

Does the wireless keyboard allow you to get into the BIOS at bootup ?

Do they not work at all in Linux ?

Have you got a working PS/2 keyboard you can also connect … then see if the USB (wireless) keyboard works after logging on ?

the mouse and keyboard dont work at all not evan in BIOS it has a receiver that you plug into the usb port. im using a usb keyboard and mouse that works fine but i just cant understand y it wont pick up my receiver

If it won’t work for accessing the BIOS, it’s a hardware problem, not a Linux/software issue.

Are there selectable channels on the keyboard/mouse/reciever … and are they on the right channel ?

Or is there some kind of “pairing” button on them ?

Does your wired USB keyboard allow access to the BIOS ?

nope there are no channels on the receiver just a button to sync the mouse and keyboard with i done

Does your wired USB keyboard allow access to the BIOS ?

boot with a wired keyboard and mouse … then try this:

There shouldn’t be a problem with both mice attached at the same time … but you can always try unplugging the wired ones … USB mice/keyboards should be hot pluggable, so you can always plug the wired ones back in if necessary.

Have you tried a different USB port ?

If it’s one of these (Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000):

Then according to the comments they are supposed to work “out-of-the-box” with Linux … which is what I’d expect.

Have you got a Windows PC you can test them on ?