Install Peppermint os in VirtualBox in Ubuntu (host)

Install Peppermint os in VirtualBox in Ubuntu (host)

One of the virtues of the Linux distributions is that they are lighter than any other os on earth. The Linux Peppermint OS, lighter, faster and easier to install and run. Peppermint is a combination of the two OSes Ubuntu and ChromeOS. Peppermint is like ChromeOS because they believe that we users spend most of the time on Internet, using just one software, Browser (I think they are right :slight_smile: ). So they provide most of the online applications to perform daily tasks. And Peppermint is like Ubuntu because unlike ChromeOS, Peppermint allows users to install software/applications like Ubuntu based distributions. Peppermint has nice ‘Software Center’ and Peppermint has also the access to the Ubuntu official ppa that has bundles of software available.


If you can’t see the above video then see Install Peppermint os in VirtualBox in Ubuntu (host)

Nice … TVM :slight_smile:

Have a play with the ICE application for creating SSB’s for web applications and integrating them into the menu and see what you think … more info on ICE/SSB’s here:

You may also want to look in the "“Featured” section of the Software Manager (or Synaptic) for the “Peppermint Pack’s” whiich are metapackages that can be used to “purpose” the PC, they install groups of software with a single click such as the “peppermint-office-pack” which installs LibreOffice, Thunderbird, GNUCash, Scribus, cups-2-pdf, GIMP, etc with a single click … there are other “peppermint packs” (metapackages) such as Graphic Arts/Build Tools/Networking/Kids Edutainment/Photography.

Yes I tried some of the features like group installation of software. :slight_smile: Happy with the size of this distro that is causing the system faster.