Installation on 2nd HDD

I hadn’t - but I have now!! …thanks Mark - sometimes it’s easy to forget the most basic of commands :-[

Out of interest, why would it appear in Synaptic but not be installed - or be installed but not run?

hplip is not a GUI application … it is a bunch of drivers for HP printers.

Once installed it allows other GUI front ends to setup/use those drivers, such as CUPS and system-config-printers.

if you also want the HP GUI front end (that DOES appear in the menus) you also need to install hplip-gui

Effectively, they’re including the hplip drivers out of the box, and expect that you’ll use the default GUI (system-config-printers) to set up the printer as that will work for other makes of printers too.

if you want the GUI that’s HP specific, then they expect you to install it yourself, probably so HP printers are supported out of the box, but they don’t confuse people with non HP printers by including the HP specific GUI.

make sense ?

Gotcha and yes it’s installed now and working so thank you for that!

I’d posted previously in Printers and Scanners about the PSC print speed being slow but had no replies. Is there a specific way to make the printer use the same driver no matter which application is asking to print? eg: If I print from say, a Libre Office file the print speed is about half of that when I do a copy from ‘within’ the printer itself. It suggests to me that it’s a system info-handling issue. Is there any way I could speed that up?

Thanks again for the help


Slow to print, or slow to start printing ?

Slow to print. This is the scenario…

If I ask for a copy directly from the printer, I simply put the doc in the scanner, press copy and it scans immediately and prints, printing at the speed it always did back in the XP days.

If I print from say, a LO Writer document, the print job starts immediately (ie: the printer reacts straight away) but the output prints at about 50% of the original speed. Listening to the printer, it sounds like it is only printing in one direction and returning the carriage to the start before printing the next line - rather like a typewriter does. I’ve looked through the various settings but can’t see anything obvious.

It’s not a major issue but it would be good if it could print faster…



Dunno, that’ll be a function of the driver … is there any adjustments to be made in HP Toolbox ?

Which driver does it say it’s using ?

I’ve tried everything I can in the Toolbox but nothing has any effect.

Driver info states - HP PSC 1200 Series, hpcups 3.12.2 - is this what you need?

You could try removing the printer, and re-adding it through the CUPS interface … I seriously doubt if it’ll make any difference, but maybe worth a shot.

But other than that I dunno…

Weird because according to this:
print speed is supposed to be okay with hplip.

BTW, I’m kinda wondering how this topic Installation on 2nd HDD managed tomorph into support for a printer … if you want to take this any further, can you please start another topic with a more descriptive title :wink: … TIA.

Apologies…! Though, as I said, I had posted this topic in Printers and Scanners - 19th Feb - but got no responses… :frowning: