Hi, I have an installation problem. I have just re-built my PC after a motherboard crash. I am on an AM2NF3-VSTA motherboard, AMD2 processor, 4 GB DDR3 memory (dual channel). There are 2 hard drives, a SATA 160GB and an IDE 160GB. I have 2 SATA DVD R/RW fitted. The SATA drive has had both Mandriva 2010 32 bit and 64 bit installed previously. The IDE hard drive is brand new. If I try to install 2010, it gets to the “loading program into memory” part then I get the message “Exited abnormally” and the installation shuts down. If I try to install 2011, I get a “kernel panic” situation. I tried to install 2007 and it went well. I set up both disks with the relevant partitions (8GB SWAP at the front and then 2 x 74GB partitions) and all went well. I installed 2007 successfully on the back partition of the SATA drive. When I try to put 2010 or 2011 on I still get the above errors. Can anyone help with why the errors are stopping me? Thanks

Just as a thought - as Mandriva is looking like it is going under, would this be the perfect opportunity to switch to another OS? You might not get anymore updates etc from now on!!

Have you tried removing one of the DVD drives during the installation … you can always add it back in after the install.

Just a suggestion as I once had an Ubuntu installation that seemed to get confused as to which CD/DVD drive to find the installation files on, but went smoothly with one of the drives disconnected.

Can’t say for sure it’s the same issue, but worth a shot.

Thank you for your input. two of which are relevant. I am perturbed to hear that Mandriva is in trouble. I tried so many flavours of Linux before taking the Mandriva route. I really would not want to change BUT, if they go under, I will have to. The DVD R/RW idea is worth a try as one of them seems to be OK but the other does not so I will do that tomorrow. Will let you know how that works. If that makes no difference, I am thinking that if I install 2007 on all 4 partitions, then the upgrade option might work. If it does it may confirm my worst thought, that there is a 32 bit virus type infection present somewhere on the SATA drive. I did use Dban to clean that drive but some viral infections will infect and permanently damage the boot strap, and I do not know if Dban clears the boot strap. Thanks for the intelligent input, will get back to you all when I have some results.

A virus cannot permanently damage a HDD (including the boot sector), and AFAIK Dban (if used correctly) will also overwrite the bootsector :slight_smile:

The ONLY way a virus could damage the drive would be if it could somehow destroy the firmware, but this is unwritable.

If Mandriva works in LiveCD mode, but won’t install, it’s likely just a hardware and/or configuration issue … which is why I’m suggesting removal of hardware that is not essential for the installation … you can always add stuff back after a successful install, and reinstall/reconfigure the bootloader if necessary.

It could also be that the CD/DVD drive is having problems reading the disk … have you tested the CD for errors using the same drive that you are using for installation.

Have you tested the RAM ?

Could you tell us a little more about the hardware and how it’s configured (in particular how the HDD’s are configured in the BIOS).

Is this a Dell by any chance ? … if so, are the drives set to RAID in the BIOS ?

If you’re still having problems after the 17th, I’ll download Mandriva 2010/2011 and take a lk at the install routine and see if I can come up with any meaningful suggestions.

OK, given the motherboard is new, I have just sent it back. Trying a new model, just ordered. Everything came from a motherboard crash on Boxing Day and all the other kit had been in use running the Mandriva variations I mentioned so it HAS to be the new board. Will let you know the outcome and thanks for the help.

Yeh, let us know how you get on … good luck with the new mobo :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help. I identified the fault to be with the new motherboard. Today I upgraded to AM3, DDR3 and ASUS motherboard. As I type this I am watching Mandriva 2010 installing on the master PC. I also would dispute that Mandriva is to disappear, I am still geting updates on this PC (laptop) which is running 2010.2 Official. These forums are so good at letting us all help one another, long may they live! Thanks again for all the constructive input. As an experienced IT person, I suppose I was blinded to a new motherboard being at the heart of this problem, just goes to show ya, we can all learn even when we think we know it all. Thanks again, I now consider this thread as closed.


Thanks for letting us know how you got on, and what the problem was :slight_smile:

I never said Mandriva would disappear … just that they were probably going to file for bankruptcy, though they’ve delayed that decision till the 23rd of this month:

Bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily mean they will disappear (I hope not) … I just wanted anyone considering Mandriva to be aware of the situation so they could make an informed decision.

This is not the first time Mandriva have faced bankruptcy (as Mandrake), and they survived that, so at this point who knows :slight_smile: