Installed application is not showing in the ALL APPLICATIONS LIST

Hi all,
I am now in my second week as a Linux mint (Cinammon) user. However, I installed an Application called Youtube-dl from the software manager but I cannot see the application in the ALL APPLICATIONS list on my laptop. I am running Linux MINT 19.1 CINAMMON and my laptop is HP pavillion DV7. Since installing it, I have restarted the laptop but still cannot see it. This is making me wonder if I am doing something wrong. Could someone please point out where the app is hiding.
Thanks for your attention

youtube-dl is a command line application only, not a graphical (GUI) application … so won’t show up in the menu.


There is a GUI front end for youtube-dl called youtube-dlg

To install it in Mint 19, open a terminal and run these commands in sequence

cd ~




sudo apt-get install ~/youtube-dlg_0.4-1~webupd8~bionic9_all.deb

enter your password when prompted … and (if prompted) accept any other changes it needs to make by entering Y

Once installed you’ll find it in the menu at:-

Menu > Internet > Youtube DL GUI

Wow, thanks a million. I have been able to install it by copying and following your direction/s. I am getting more and more into this OS.
Once again, thaaaaaank YOU.

You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

Hi Mark, is there a reason to prevent this application from working? I have had my linux mint 19.1 upgraded to 19.3. Sice upgrading, any time I try to download anything with the youtube-dlg, it gives error message and does not download anything. Is there any work around?

I’m sorry to tell you that Mark passed away a short while ago, but perhaps another mentor will be able to help you.

It should be in Synaptic Package Manager like this:

You could also try this:

Or else you can go for YouTube2Video: