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I have Mplayer and Mencoder installed but cannot launch; maybe needing a command in terminal (my nemesis). The applicationas may be no good but I would like to see if they work. I have a video taken on a tablet with the first3.5 minutes in correct state but the following 22 minutes are at 45 degrees.
I wish to split the 3.5 minutes from the rest; then flip the remaining to the correct position and then stitch the two parts together. I will be grate for any help, especially if I have to use terminal. Thank you

To see how to use MPlayer and MEncoder, see here:
but, as you can see, MEncoder is for modifying the whole of a video. What you need is a video editor. There are several available, and your distribution should have at least one of them:
I’ve used Avidemux, admittedly some years ago, and it wasn’t too difficult — and you don’t have to use the command line!

Looking at Avidemux it would appear to me that other things need to be downloaded in order to download Avidemux, or am I being too naive. i am quite computer illiterate, especially with Linux. Thank you for your quick response

Have a look here - 9 Best Free Video Editing Software for Linux in 2023


Thanks Rich. I have downloaded Openshot and will try it out later.
This my 2nd cry for help with Linux community and have been impressed by the speed of reply. Great help from Keith, Wishbone, David McCann and Rich J.
Believe me; I need all the help I can get for the apparently simplest of tasks. Thanks again

What version of Linux are you using and how are you installing software? If you use your distro’s software installer, everything is taken care of. When you say that other things need to be downloaded for Avidemux, that’s normal behaviour in Linux — the installer is just warning you that there’s more downloading than you expected, in case you’re half-way up a mountain with no broadband. Similarly, you say you downloaded Openshot. Does that mean that you got it from a web-site? Always get software from your distribution: anything other method is for experienced users only.

It shows my lack of experience. I looked at the web address that Rich J referred to and highlighted Openshot and downloaded from there. I then typed Openshot in the space at the bottom of Applications in the menu and up popped Openshot on the screen.

ItsFoss is a trusted site and only recommends tried and trusted apps. Openshot is in the repositories for Mint (hence Ubuntu-based) and as DavidMcann rightly says, always install software from repositories via Software Manager or Synaptic unless directed otherwise by someone (guru) on an OFFICIAL Linux site. :wink:

Point taken. As I said to Keith on my first post for help, at 84 my memory is not as sharp as once was.(nor quick on the uptake) Thanks again

No worries - we’re all on the same train regarding that one! And using Linux shows that you still have plenty of that ‘up there’ :wink: