Installing a program 'tar.bz2'

How do I install a program?
I have installed kmymoney from the Ubuntu Software Centre and have been on kmymoney’s website and downloaded kmymoney-4.6.1.tar.bz2 which is the latest version. How do I install it it?

Read all of this response before attempting the install …

First (obviously) you need to unpack the bz2 archive … from this point on we’ll assume you unpacked it in your home directory

Then according to the README.cmake file, it wants you to install cmake (you’ll probably also want build-essential and linux-headers-generic):

sudo apt-get install cmake build-essential linux-headers-generic

Change directory to the kmymoney-4.6.1 directory:

cd ~/kmymoney-4.6.1

Create a “build” directory:

mkdir build

Change to that directory:

cd build

Then run cmake (with some options) to build the makefiles:


Then optionally run ccmake to change the configuration of the build process:

ccmake .

Then to compile with:


and install with:

sudo make install

BUT … and this is a BIG but … any software compiled from source in this manner WILL NOT have any dependencies resolved for you … normally the compilation would throw up a few errors which would give you clues as to what is missing, which you’d then manually install and try again … but as KMyMoney is a KDE application it’s going to want a TON of KDE libraries, so expect this to be a VERY long and laborious process which may fail anyway as it may require libraries (or versions) that are not in the repos yet.

Extra Info -

I noticed kmymoney 4.6.1 was at some point added to this PPA:

(This is the guy that “normally” packages the latest builds of kmymoney and adds them to his PPA)

BUT … if you follow the link (for Oneiric) 4.6.1 no longer exists … so I’m going to guess he’s discovered problems with it in Ubuntu 11.10, and has removed it.

If you REALLY want to run the risk, you could “force” install the 4.6.0 version for Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty) … but I wouldn’t.

So at the moment your options are

a) “try” to build it yourself … have fun.
b) risk a “force” install of the pre-packaged kmymoney 4.6.0 for Natty … according to this forum posting:
it works in Kubuntu 11.10 … but I wouldn’t risk it unless you know how to back out of it.
c) wait till the 4.6.1 version (for Oneiric) reappears in this PPA
d) wait till Ubuntu 12.04 which will have kmymoney 4.6.1 in its repositories by default.

Looks like I’ll wait for either of the last 2 options as I don’t have a clue what I’m doing installing programs myself, unlike Windows,which was pi** easy.

Thanks for the help anyways :slight_smile:

It’s easier in Linux … as long as you use the pre-packaged (for your distribution/version) software in the repositories.

Windows software pretty much all comes pre-packaged and an executable installer … at least Linux/OSS gives you the “option” to compile from source, but it’s not for the feint hearted beginner, more a “possibility” if you NEED the software, and can be bothered to sort out all the dependencies yourself.

Usually software will be pre-compiled and pre-packaged by someone for Ubuntu, and appear in a PPA (personal package archive) pretty quickly … then it’s a simple matter of adding the PPA to your repository list, and installing through your package manager. :slight_smile: