Installing BitDefender this may help

Dear All,

You may find the information here [url][] of use if your looking for DEB or RPM and instructions in how to install the software.

I have tried all the free Anti-virus software for Linux and have found this to be the best.

First let me say, thanks for the link it will probably help people who feel they need A/V in Linux, or perhaps dual-boot, or maybe run some kind of service to a Windows network, etc.

Linux and Ant-Virus software… There seem to be 3 schools of thought on this subject -

  1. Linux NEEDS to run anti-virus software, because it is just as “at risk” as Windows… For MANY reasons this is rubbish, but I’ve covered the reasons why elsewhere so I’ll not repeat them here (see the links below) :slight_smile:

  2. Linux users SHOULD responsibly run A/V to help stop the spread of Windows viruses… I suppose there is something to that, specially if you download Windows executables in Linux, then pass them on to a Windows system (or your own dual-booter)… but again it’s my opinion that WINDOWS should be running its own A/V, and it’s the Windows world that needs to get its act together… if you want to stop the spread of Windows viruses, don’t use Windows, simple :slight_smile:

  3. And my firm favorite, unless you are using Linux to service a Windows system/network (such as running a mail server etc.) or are NOT behind a NAT router… Sod Windows… ditch it altogether, and (at least for now) don’t worry about A/V. :wink:

Further Information:

Does this work OK on LINPUS LITE??

Can’t say for sure, but why would you want it to ? … as a normal desktop PC, you don’t need AV in Linux.