Installing BricsCAD 11.3.16-3 in 64bit Ubuntu 11.10

BricsCAD 11.3.16-3 is a great 3D CAD application for Linux that is compatible with .DWG files … but it won’t run in 64bit Ubuntu.

OK, there is a source tarball, so you could probably compile it for 64bit … but there is no need, it is quite easy to get it to work in 64bit Ubuntu using the .deb installer …

Go to the BricsCAD website, register, and download the DEB installer for the latest BricsCAD (11.3.16-3):

And double-click the .deb file to install BricsCAD.

Now open a terminal and run these 3 commands

Install the ia32-libs package:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

To download (from my dropbox) the required 32bit libgl1-mesa-glx library and symlink as an archive:


To extract the archive to the /opt/bricsys/bricscad/v11 directory:

sudo tar -xvf mesa-libs-32bit.tar.gz --directory /opt/bricsys/bricscad/v11/

BricsCAD should now run perfectly :slight_smile:

If you’d rather not download the library and symlink from my dropbox … you can download the latest 32bit libgl1-mesa-glx from here:

Unpack the .deb … then copy the -

files to your /opt/bricsys/bricscad/v11 directory.

Be Aware … DO NOT use the 64bit version of libgl1-mesa-glx … it will not work.