Installing latest versions

I was just wondering if its safe to install the latest version of something when Synaptec Package Manager (SPM) says the latest version is lower than the ACTUAL latest version. Take nautilus as an example, on the site it states that v3.9.X is the latest yet in my SPM, it says v3.4.2

How do I force an installation of the latest version if SPM doesn’t have it listed? NOTE: I am only ASKING if it’s safe, NOT going to just disregard information and go ahead and install it.

Bear in mind 12.04 is an LTS release … it won’t have the latest software … (particularly) large system components like nautilus will only get updated in the 12.04 repositories if there’s a bugfix or security reason for doing so.

Stability and consistency are the order of the day :wink:

If you want to try a later version, there’s nothing stopping you, but -

a) you’ll have to either compile from source, or find/add a PPA
b) if it causes any other problems, you’re on your own with sorting them … at least as far as Ubuntu are concerned.
c) expect problems if you ever do a system upgrade to a later version of Ubuntu

There is a reason for staying with the distros repos - even if some of the applications are out dated, stability.
You want bleeding edge software (as soon as they appear) then go with Arch.
It will cut you few times but you will have the latest and greatest.

Whenever I want to do a system upgrade I would do it from scratch so I wouldn’t (expect to) get ant problems.

That’s peaked my interest in Arch. I’ve downloaded the .ISO and when I can, I will be either creating a dual/multi boot system or a VM install.

If you are considering Arch then I would suggest to start with Manjaro which is more user friendly at installation.
And make sure to read the wiki pages. :smiley:

I’m tempted to say it :slight_smile:
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SeZo shouts at me for “pushing” Peppermint too much … a kinda in joke :slight_smile:

Well, if Peppermint is the one you like then you will be telling everyone to use it.

I’ve started a new thread about making a multiboot system and would like help in creating it…