installing Mint 17 RC

I’ve downloaded the iso and then realised what RC means … duh.
If I install it will I need to install the final release or will the RC recieve updates that will make it all ok?

If I do will I then have to install the final release?

There’s no guarantees here … I just don’t “know”

Usually updating a beta or RC will get you to exctly where the final release is as they’re using the same repositories.

But let’s say they decide to “remove” something rather than modifying it … it would still be there on your system.

If you’ve not installed yet, get the release ISO … if you’ve already installed and it’s working, just do a full system update and stgick with what you have (if not 100%, 99% of it will be the same anyway).

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Would an “apt-get dist-upgrade” remove any packages that were removed between RC and release? Or doesn’t apt work like that?

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Would an "apt-get dist-upgrade" remove any packages that were removed between RC and release? Or doesn't apt work like that?

What I’m saying is there’s no guarantee that updateeing an RC would leave you with EXACTLY what you’d get with the releese ISO (though it’ll probably be damn close)

Let’s say they included xbindkeys on the RC as they hadn’t figured out all the keyboard shortcuts yet (so used xbindkeys as a stopgap measure) … running a dist-upgrade would probably pull in the finished “proper” keybinding procedure/mechanism but xbindkeys would also still be present unless you knew to manually remove it … and the 2 mechanisms could conflict.

That example is MUcH more likely to happen with say an alpha or beta than a “Release Candidate” … but you never know.

The whole point is an RC is what it is … and you don’t know if anything will change.

99 times out of a 100 a dist-upgrade will make an RC exactly the same as the release version … but unless you keep an eye on development there’s no way to be 100% sure.

I’m not saying sticking with the RC is a bad idea … in fact I’m saying “if already installed, and it works … stick with it” … I’m just trying to be “complete” in my response :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification - I always wait until the final release for this reason. If the install is going to be on the system for years, I’d much rather wait a couple more weeks to avoid problems down the line!

Any news on Peppermint progress? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not from me :wink:

Sorry about the cock ups!
Thanx for replies.
I think I’ll wait as Mint 15 and then 16 have been great … I’m just eagre for the full stable release so I can drag my friends away from XP.
Actually they are begging for it now no dragging needed.
I really don’t want to mess up their first experience with Linux.
I’ll be patient … can’t be long now.

Well I didn’t have to wait long.
17 released downloaded and about to be installed.

Great … please let us know how it goes, and what you make of 17 :slight_smile:

I’m actually holding off of installing 17, as there are reported issues with Nvidia Optimus laptops (Intel CPU + nVidia discreet GPU), and as I’ve got one, don’t fancy breaking a perfectly functioning Mint 14 install just yet…

Running great.
Straight out the box as iot were.
One problem I had and fixed but need to go back to.
I downloaded Linux Multimedia Studio (LMS) and Qtractor and lost all sound everywhere.
Uninstalled them everything was fine again.
Soon as I have the time I’ll do it again and try and find out which one caused the trouble.
I’m well impressed with the right click uninstall feature.
I ditched Windows seven at the Mint 14 stage and haven’t looked back.
Been playing with this stuff since I think UBUNTU 7 …Insufferable Ibex or something.
Anyway well impressed with 17.
Running on quad core desk top fast smooth stable … is it a week now?
I am forever installing uninstalling so the right click option is fantastic for me … also click to check for updates … fantastic.

Yeah, it’s nice that you don’t have to be root to get the list of updates in the update manager :slight_smile:

FYI - No problem with Optimus, Mint 17 is fully compatible with bumblebee (using primus). It defaults to nvidia-304 though, to use nvidia-331 requires manual configuration. No biggie :slight_smile: