Installing new software


I recently installed Mint. Lovin’ it, so far. Although, finding it tough. I recently downloaded some software for Mint (I hope). I downloaded them on my laptop (7) onto usb stick. I then tranfered them to Mint. So far, so good. Now, I have no idea how to install them (Am I thick?). I don’t know what i’m looking for (file ext. etc.). I’m so used to .exe getting things started.
Please help. :-[

This is a question we see a lot, you will need to break the “Windows” habit of always going off searching the interweb for an “Installer”…

  1. Your first stop should always be your package manager, to see if there is a version of the software you want in the software repositories.
    (all software in the default repositories has been tested to ensure it works with your distribution)

Click, Menu>Package Manager, once Synaptic starts, type a search term into “Quick Search”… the term can be either the name of the app such as opera, or a description such as browser.

in the main panel, click the little box next to the software you want, and select “Mark for Installation”, then click on the “Apply” button on the toolbar, and the software will be downloaded and installed for you.

  1. If you absolutely NEED to manually download software from the interweb, look for the version for Ubuntu or Debian, or for a file with a .deb extension, .deb files can be installed similarly to windows (ie. just double-clicked).

  2. Other than that, you could always download the source files and compile them yourself, but this is a bit more complex, and you would have to sort any dependencies yourself.

Option 1 obviously requires an internet connection
Option 2 may require an internet connection, if any dependencies are missing
Option 3 you will probably end up requiring additional packages… so an internet connection would certainly save time.

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Ah, right. I’ll have a dabble at it. Once again, thanks for all the help.