Installing Peppermint 5 over Mint

Hello. I am trying to install Peppermint 5 over Mint 16. I have to keep the Windows Vista partition for my Wife. When I try to install it only allows me to Overwrite all partitions or alongside. I need to put it on the Mint one. Can anyone help?

The way I would go about it is open gparted, delete the Mint partition, then resize the Windows partition to the full size of the drive, then install Peppermint alongside Windows Vista.

You would also be advised to back up any important data on both Mint and Windows partitions and fragment the Windows partition first

but there may be a better way so I would wait till someone more knowledgeable chimes in

Good luck


You have 2 options

a) delete all the Linux partitions leaving unpartitioned space (no need to resize windows), then the installer should offer to install in the free space.


b) select “Something else”, and manually set your partitions and mountpoints (as they were in Mint), and electing to format them during the installation.

Thanks Guys.