installing peppermint? on acer aspire one model zg5

As a newbie who knows nothing about Linux I read a tutorial by Mark Greaves awhile ago but did not save it
and now cannot find it? If I remember it was peppermint 3? I now have the time to replace linpus lite and wish
to do so. Can any one point me to this tutorial? or similar for step by step instructions. Which if received will definitely
be saved this time.
Yours sincerely/ Norman Liddle

Here’s the one for Peppermint 6 (I never did one for Peppermint 7)

You can get the Peppermint 6 32bit ISO image here:
md5 checksum = 6af065ab5fd5039cd2c8e5ac4538811e

Or you could try Peppermint 7 if you’d prefer ?

But if you really want the older Peppermint 3 for some reason:
Peppermint 3 32bit ISO image here:
md5 checksum = 0a29224b7b2a5c08f1febdb83e133bd6


Thanks for your help on this subject I am now learning to use peppermint 6 on my Acer aspire one. I assume I need another enquiry on how to configure? Use an SD card for extra onboard storage?
Thanks again

Acer zg5 using peppermint os6 how do I use an SD card for extra onboard storage.

Thanks for your help am now learning how to use peppermint 06

The easiest method if the SSD card is only going to be used for user files (pics/music/documents etc) would be to simply use symlinks:,1835.0.html