Installing Peppermint TWo


I’m following the instructions for installing Peppermint Two onto my AA1.

So far, I’ve downloaded the Peppermint ISO and created a bootable USB, but when I try to fire up my AA1 from the USB, the screen opens on a black screen with the following white text at the top: SYSLINUX 4.04 EDD 2011-04-18 Copyright (c) 1994-2011.

My AA1 doesn’t progress past this message. Am I doing something wrong?

It seems the AA! is not happy with “some” USB sticks … you’ll need to try another USB stick.

Someone suggested it doesn’t like USB stick of 1GB or smaller … so try a 2GB or larger.

It’s a brand new verbatim 4Gb stick.

Using the check sum utility, I’ve confirmed the downloaded ISO file is OK, so I’ll try creating the bootable USB again in case something wasn’t quite right somewhere.

If it still doesn’t work, is there a workaround??

You could try one of the other LiveUSB creators, that has worked for a few, but most people have to use a different stick altogether.

No workaround that I’m aware of … sorry.

Just as a matter of interest … when you use F12 to select the boot device, is the USB stick showing as a USB FDD or USB HDD ?

I’ll try one of the other writers - see if that fixes it.

After I press F12, the USB shows in the menu as USB FDD

btw, thanks for your help with this. I’ll let you know if one of the other writers does it :slight_smile:

USB FDD is wrong … it should be listed as a USB HDD, so I doubt if the other LiveUSB creators will help, that’s more a function of the AA1’s BIOS seeing the USB stick as a USB floppy disk drive rather than USB hard disk drive.

You’ll probably need another USB stick … oddly enough the cheaper ones seem better for the AA1

OK, now this is weird. I tried one of the other writers - the one found by Banko and it worked straight away.

I now have a menu with 5 options: (1) Persistent mode (whatever THAT is!), (2) Live Mode, (3) Install, (4) File Integrity Check and (5) Memory test.

I just want to test drive Peppermint for now, so which option should I choose?

Live mode will allow you to test drive without installing, but you won’t be able to save changes. :slight_smile:
(Live mode acts like a CD)

Persistent mode, is the same as Live mode, but you WILL be able to save changes :slight_smile:
(Persistent mode also acts like a CD, but can save changes, they will be saved to a “persistence” file on the USB stick)

Neither of those 2 will make changes to your SSD/HDD unless you tell it to.


Peppermint will NOT be as quick or as stable run from a LiveUSB as it would from the internal SSD/HDD, so don’t draw any speed or stability conclusions based on a LiveUSB test drive … but you CAN get a general feel for PeppermintOS.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

No problem … thanks for letting us know one of the other apps worked for you, that may help others in the future :slight_smile:

One last thing, I have a 3 mobile broadband USB stick. Will this plug and play on Peppermint?

More than likely, but depends on the model … you may have to install the usb-modeswitch package (can’t remember if it’s installed by default).

Hi Mark,

I’ve installed Peppermint Two onto my AA1, thanks to the absolutely brilliant tutorial. It’s working perfectly - and really quickly! However, I’m not sure how to test the in-built camera. Could you point me in the right direction?

Cheers :slight_smile:

You’ll either need to test it in Skype … or install something like Cheese.

You can install Cheese from within Synaptic or the Software Manager.

or from the command line with:

sudo apt-get install cheese

In either case you’ll then find it in the “Sound & Video” menu.

Great, thanks! :slight_smile: