Installing plugin, permision denied.


I am having difficulty installing GREYC Image as advised on a previous post. Every time I try to drag and drop or copy and past the plugin into The Gimp as per the website it says “Error permision denied”.
Here are the instructions.

on Unix : ‘$HOME/.gimp-2.x/plug-ins/’ (for local installation), I can’t find $HOME so try to install in usr folder.
or ‘usr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/’ (for global installation).

On this occasion I am using Peppermint on USB ( 4gb with 3gb persistance) but it also does the same on Ubuntu 10.10 on my fixed installtion.

Any help would be appreciated.

is this in peppermint? … what is the filemanager called in peppermint ?

It’s PCManFM 0.9.7.

may help with some of your questions

in pcman… left panel… top folder with a house on it… thats your home folder.

Asunder is the CD burning app

Thanks for all of your help recently it’s much appreciated.