Installing Real Player 11 for Linux

Does anyone know anything about installing Real Player 11? I am using Fedora 11 and went to the Real site and downloaded the .rpm package. This seemed to go OK, but the program should be shown in Applications, Sound and Video - it isn’t. When I search using System, Administration, Add/Remove Programs I can’t find Real Player. It seems to have downloaded in the Downloads folder and when I click to install it says it is already installed - but where? And how do I access it? I’m not exactly a dimwit and have installed dozens of programs including Fedora with a hitch of this kind. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? All advice appreciated.

Could I point you at “Helix” instead, this is the Open Source version of REAL … I see a .deb download on their page which looks promising …

If it installed but didn’t add itself to the menus, create an application launcher with:

realplay %U

on the Command: line.

or enter:


in a terminal, and hit enter.

Many thanks gentleman for your help. I installed Helix as Mad Penguin suggested and it installed perfectly first time. And surprise, surprise - the entry in Applications, Sound and Video for Real Player appeared from nowhere. I’ve no idea how it worked, but I now have both applications installed and working. I had some trouble getting the sound to work in Real Player, but this was due to the default hardware setting being wrong for my machine. I can now play more Internet Radio stations than Windows Media Player would ever permit due to Microsoft being Microsoft and not support non-Microsoft formats.

Real Player 11 for Linux is the latest version available for Linux.It has new feature like it has better sound quality compared to last version. The installation is always the same thing as per the old one. Just download directly from the website of Real Player. You should go your download folder. It will depend on the configuration of your browser. And download latest one for Linux supportable.