Installing Ubuntu 10.04 without USB or Optical boot option


Can anyone suggest how I can install a dual boot 10.04/windows on my Sony Vaio.

The optical drive is bust and it does not have a USB boot option (well I can’t see one in the bios). If I have to I will just have Ubuntu 10.04 or whats reccomended with such small ram.

Sony Vaio VGN-S4Z/S Half gig of ram. Windows xp,. 2 partitions 20bg and 40 gb 20 being the primary boot and windows partition.



Do you have a cd writer?
If so you can download and burn a live cd.
Download from here (I’d recommend 10.04 for now) and follow the instructions for burning a live cd.
Alternately for a lighter version of Linux for older machines you could try Puppy Linux from here

Thanks Galaxy but my optical drive is broken so I need another way of installing.

Just Googled and I’m trying Wubi.

However cannot get it to work it keeps saying cannot download the metalink therefore the iso.

If you want to do a WUBI install… just download the ISO yourself, put it in a folder and extract the WUBI.EXE from it to the same directory, and run it.

WUBI.EXE is included in the root of all Ubuntu CD images.

Done :wink:

Cheers, I’ll give that a go. :slight_smile:

Do you think that the laptop is capable of running 10.04 with just half a gig of ram or should I look at another distro?

512MB is the minimum recommended for 10.04, so it should be OK, but don’t expect it to be a performer :wink:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Bit of a face palm there.
I really should read posts better.
Next thing you know I’ll be agreeing to EULA without reading them ::slight_smile:

@Galaxytmd. :wink:


Whenever I try to run Wubi it keeps accessing the internet for 11.04 and not 10.04 that I have put in the directory.

Before people start wasting more time on this…my optical drive has decided to work (for some bizare reason!) must know that Linux is being installed. :wink:

Job done! My optical drive works as well. :slight_smile:

Now typing this in Ubuntu, feel safe again. :wink: