installing wine

Why is it when I try to install wine via the software centre I get this message

Yet I installed via CL with no problems

I’m going to guess it was the ttf-mscorefonts-installer package that was the problem, as this is in the “Multiverse” repository which is not enabled by default.

Follow the instructions here:

once you’ve finished those instructions… reinstall wine from the Software Centre and see what happens.

If you still get the same warning…

gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

and post the contents here… along with which Linux distro/version you are using.

That seemed to work but now for something really daft, how do I use it?
The reason I installed it is because I want to run bbc emulator (beebem) and couldn’t figure out how to install the unix/linux version so thought “I know I’ll install wine and then install the windows version simples”, but no, couldn’t be that easy for me could it, not today, I wish I had stayed in bed today.
Sorry, started rambling there.
If you could help me install the unix/linux version that would be even better, this is the package


or a different version


I have the first one running on windows so I know it’s ok but was to big to attach(2.1Mb) never tried the second one (attached)

As you mentioned the “Software Centre”, I’m guessing you are using Ubuntu… it would help if you mention your distro/version/architecture in all questions… I can’t remember what everyone is using :wink:

If so…

This will install the “Linux native” BeebEm (BBC Micro emulator)… don’t bother with WINE if there is a Linux native version :wink:

First Install the needed dependencies

sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev libgtk2.0-dev build-essential

Create a directory called beebem in your home directory (can be deleted after installation):

mkdir ~/beebem

Change directory to the ~/beebem directory:

cd ~/beebem

Use wget to download the source files and patches for your Linux architecture:
(use just one of the following commands)

For 32bit Linux -


For 64bit Linux -


Unpack the beebem-0.0.13.tar.gz file:

tar -xzvf beebem-0.0.13.tar.gz

Apply the patches:

for file in *.patch; do patch -p0 < $file; done

Change directory to the beebem-0.0.13 directory:

cd beebem-0.0.13

Now configure, build, and install the software:

./configure --enable-econet




sudo make install-strip

Once it is installed, you can open the beebem emulator either from the command line by entering:


or fire up the startup disk with:

beebem welcome.ssd

or any other .ssd disk images with:

beebem /path/to/image.ssd

You can get some game .ssd’s from here:

Have retro fun :slight_smile:

Big thanx for this, I loved my Beeb and really enjoy playing the games of my youth.

It took me back a bit when I fired up the welcome disk ;D