Intel P4 Duo, 2.8GHz, 2G RAM, 200G Disk [gone]

[float=right][smg id=692 type=preview][/float]Ok, there’s no standard format for this (yet) but I reckon a basic spec in the subject line is probably the best way to start. This machine is based on an ASUS PH1, so it’s a compact desktop micro-ATX format system. (i.e. it’s two PCI expansion slots only and pretty tight at that)

Spec as in the subject, also has a DVD Rom drive, onboard 100Mb Nic (you can add a 1G for a tenner) and onboard Graphics that clocks GLXgears at around 1000 fps. All working, fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10, probably 3 years old with only a few months run-time on it. (it’s mostly lived in a cupboard) Will provide a 4-week refund on fault … so long as you don’t take it apart … :slight_smile:

Makes for a very competent desktop Linux box, not really a gamer but quick for office apps and smart to look at.

I’ll leave this up for two weeks, at that point I’ll take the best offer, if any (via forum message) over £50.
(price will be +VAT+Delivery, unless you want to collect it … :slight_smile: )

Detailed spec for Chassis here;

I might be interested in this to replace that box with the weird BIOS problem.

What’s the graphics chip?, SATA or IDE?, and any idea how much delivery costs for something like this?.. if not can you provide dimensions/weight

Come to think of it, it may be a good idea to ask people to provide similar details (dimensions/weight) on anything they advertise here, even if it’s a guesstimate, just to give people something to work with.

Ok, it’s a Radeon XPress 200, SATA disk, IDE CD, weight is 16 lbs.

Looks like Parcel Force will charge you £10.50.

It is an awesome box. Very good for dual booting. If only they still made them, might have been able to make a case for using them in the office :frowning:
It all slides open fairly easily. There is an order to it all, but the components all work nicely. The only pain is the CPU cooler, as usual :wink:

Heh, once upon a time maybe … :wink:

Also included (overlooked this bit as you’d have to have used the case to appreciate it!) in-line resistor fan to combat the BIOS’s over-sensitivity to heat changes. i.e. no longer subject to jet fighter syndrome when running flat out … :slight_smile: … A mild hum maybe … but generally much quieter than most machines.

I take it that you’ve CPU temp tested it under load with the new cooler?
also is there a spare SATA port so I could fit a SATA burner?
or even better do you know the mobo make/model? (so I can check for stuff like whether I’d need a USB or PS2 KB and Mouse etc… or anything I’ve forgotten to ask)

Like I said, I’m interested if I can get it passed Mrs Accountant.
Funny the way things that I want always end up costing me twice, once for the item, and again because I invariable end up having to get the wife something for having spent some money on myself :wink:
(I think I’m safe saying that here… she’d never come on a tech site… I hope!)

Ooops, just remembered her brother has recently joined this forum… Ade, drop me in it and I’ll never help you with PC related stuff again ;D

I take it that you’ve CPU temp tested it under load with the new cooler?

Yup. “sensors” … :slight_smile:

You could replace the DVD with a burner, but there’s only 1xinternal HDD bay and 1xexternal 5.25 bay …
And I think it’s 1xstat + 1xIDE.

It has PS2+USB, it’s an ASUS PH1 which comes as a ‘barebones’, case + MB … used to cost ~ £100 for the chassis.

fyi; I used to fit these boxes with a second graphs card and run three screens … indeed my brother uses the AMD version with a twin core Athlon and a additional twin-head PCI Nividia across three screens …