Intel refuse to tell you what new Windows driver services do - a bit worrying

When questioned about 2 new services installed with their new Windows drivers, an Intel representative states -

There is not a certain way the Intel Content Protection HECI Service, and Protection FW Intel Integrated Clock Controller Service can be explain what they really do. That information is kept with the engineers.
and later ..
please understand that we cannot give any information regarding the Intel Content Protection HECI Service, and Protection FW Intel Integrated Clock Controller. Its an Intel policy.

Read the forum topic here:
Seriously, read it … they’ve even LOCKED the topic, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it disappears ::slight_smile:
(One posters homework suggests they may be part of iCLS … a remote Disable and Destroy DRM Service)

Previously when asked why Linux is better than Windows, Intel have responded

Everything that runs on Linux is accounted for. Every binary that runs in the memory has a very specific purpose, and everything in the kernel is screened by a mountain of people. Nothing is actually happening without the user knowing about it.

So I find this lack of transparency a bit bewildering … and VERY worrying :o

Scary…but not surprising. How long have organisations beenspying on us? A long time me thinks.

Dreadful company.

All that you posted goes hand in hand with the OS built into =/> Core i3 chips thing.
Point being - your pc can be booted and accessed and you’d never even know it. No system logs would show activity as the OS is at chip level. All it needs is a power supply (mains or battery) and wifi/ethernet.
Are they routinely spying on everyone - probably not - there’s an issue of volume of data. Can they spy on you should you come to their attention - absolutely and easily.
Smartphones are the same - they’re not even safe when ‘turned off’ - you need to take the battery out to be safe from the ability to remotely turn on the microphone/camera.
When looked at like this - it becomes obvious that with new hardware it no longer matters what OS you run - you’re not safe. And given that your ISP is required, by law, to keep records of everything you do and with whom you do it, it’s apparent that there is no such thing as privacy any more.

As wonderful as Linux is, it would appear to have forced the powers that be to move the surveillance-ware to the hardware level. So, by all means run Linux, or BSD, or whatever, it matters not, because the hardware now does the job that proprietary software did.
So when I hear that Intel are “embracing open source” I don’t think “woot! go Linux”, I think, “oh dear, now I’m even more paranoid”.

Seriously, “that’s” the part of Micro$oft that’s a bit worrying ?! :wink:

Just a reminder how M$ play the game;

I wasn’t talking about Microsoft … I was talking about the way INTEL on one hand claim to be in favour of transparency with Linux, but then refuse to be transparent about services installed by THEIR new drivers … the fact that they’re Windows drivers is irrelevant … my point is, can INTEL now be trusted to have LINUX best interests at heart ?

It’s INTEL’s two faced(ness) that bothers me…

I already know Microsoft can’t be trusted (and don’t trust Intel either) … but there are a lot of people in the Linux community that seem to trust Intel and their drivers … I just thought people should be aware of their apparent ability to be totally two faced and underhanded, so they can judge for themselves.